New Year’s Eve 2014 in Hong Kong

Despite both Times Square in Causeway Bay and Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui confirming last week that they had called off their major countdown events (due to fears about more pro-democracy protests) – it is still going to be a busy and spectacular night tonight.

As usual, there will be a firework display over the Victoria Harbour. In the last couple of years, the show has lasted over 8 minutes and the fireworks were launched from land on skyscrapers on both sides as well as the harbour barges. That’s going to continue this year – but what is new is the “Shooting Stars” feature, beginning an hour before the countdown. Every 15 minutes, splashes of light are going to explode from the rooftops of the buildings surrounding the harbour.

You can practically watch the fireworks from just about anywhere in Hong Kong. But remember, it is going to be packed! Road closures start from 4pm in Causeway Bay and 8pm in West Kowloon. Streets around Lan Kwai Fong will be closed to traffic at 6pm, while roads near another viewing point for the fireworks, the Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai, will close at 9pm. So best to walk (if you can) or take public transport (if you don’t mind to squeeze in).

Last year we watched from the Central Ferry Piers 9 and 10 – we had a pretty good spot and it was not too crowded, we could still move easily and then catch the ferry back to Discovery Bay at 1am (remember that all the ferries will run differently than usual – there is usually a time before and after the fireworks that the police stops all boats from running in and out of the harbour, so check your ferry schedules).

We will probably consider the area around the Convention Centre and Bauhinia Square or anywhere along the Central Waterfront Promenade that extends from the Central Star Ferry Pier to Tamar Park to enjoy the fireworks tonight – maybe see you there?

New Year's Eve 2013 Hong Kong Fireworks 7


8 responses to “New Year’s Eve 2014 in Hong Kong

  1. Hi there, we’ve never seen the fireworks in HK before. Might change that this year! Do you know if they would be visible from the terrace of IFC?

    • They should be visible – if you can get a space and don’t mind that the right hand side of the view might be slightly blocked by the IFC2 tower.

      You will have a better view if you are at the waterfront – or ideally the footbridge in front of the IFC Apple Store. But last year the police kept moving people on, so no one was allowed to stay on the bridge, you had to walk.

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