Fundraising concert for Little Henry

Almost too short notice – but if you don’t have any plans for tomorrow (Thursday Jan 15) evening, then you should go to the Hong Kong Cultural Centre and support a concert that raises funds for the 2-year old son of a player of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, who suffers from cancer in his eyes. The concert will raise money to send him and his family to the US in an attempt to save his eyesight.

Save little Henry concert

The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra will perform Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings and Dvorak’s Symphony no. 9, From the New World. The admission is free with tickets (donation encouraged!), and you can still get tickets by donating at the door: Contact Ms Rida Chan (Tel 2721 0846) or Ms Cecilia Yik (Tel 2270 7036) / Email: to reserve your seats and then come to the concert hall around 7-7.30pm tomorrow, with a cheque, and pick up your tickets.

Donations over HK$100 will be issued a tax exemption receipt – but that’s not why you should come! You should go to support little Henry and his family! Here is more info about the concert and here about the whole campaign to Save Little Henry.


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