Review: Bao Wow

This place has been open for over a year at least – I’ve seen the banners and signs numerous times, but I never paid much attention. However, I kept reading about their baos (buns) on various blogs, such as Hungry Hong Kong, so I was curious to give it a try.

Bao Wow 3

A bao is loosely based on the traditional Taiwanese gua bao – a steamed, white fluffy bun pocket filled with, traditionally, braised pork belly. Bao Wow serves the traditional version, which I’ve trie, as well as varieties such as kimchi bulgogi, pangpang chicken, sesame ginger pork chop, Thai fish fillet and teriyaki tofu.

Bao Wow 2

The original gua bao features pork belly that has been braised slowly for five hours, garnished with crushed peanuts, coriander and a sweet Chinese relish. It is an interesting taste and I’m glad I tried it – but I found the pork belly a little too fatty, the bun a little too flavourless and for 58HKD for two baos, I could get a big bowl of soup for lunch. Personally that would be my preference… but then, to be fair to Bao Wow: their dishes are freshly prepared, service is friendly and quick and I do like their quirky look and feel. It is a nice place to grab a quick bite for lunch, if you fancy a gua bao.

Bao Wow 4

Bao Wow
Shop 2, 28 Tai Wong Street East, Wan Chai
Tel. 2528 9505


8 responses to “Review: Bao Wow

  1. Just stumbled across your web site. You’re doing a great job! My wife and I have eaten at Bao Wow a few times and like it. Agree with you that the pork belly is fatty (I like it but quite a few don’t enjoy it as much). But actually, I find the other flavours even better. We need more of these cheap and cheerful world street food eateries in HK

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