Photography: Living in Wan Chai and Causeway Bay

I should make more of an effort to go out and take pictures of my surroundings – especially that we now live in Wan Chai. I have taken pictures here in the past (black and white photography, in colour and from/around Wan Chai market) but not so much recently.

I looked through my images in Lightroom and actually found some recent ones which are worth sharing so here we go. First of all, a view across Southorn Playground… and yes, it is Southorn and not Southern. I had to look this up, but the formerly thriving night market and football/basketball court today was named in 1934 after Sir Wilfrid Thomas Southorn who was the Colonial Secretary (second highest position of Hong Kong Government) in 1925-1936. A lot of places in Hong Kong are named after important characters, so it’s not unusual that the sports ground bears the name of a colonial secretary.

Living in Wan Chai 0

A popular spot to take pictures of people, in fact, many people is in Causeway Bay, around Sogo and Hysan Place. Those places are always busy, regardless of whether it is early morning or late night. There are always people walking about. I took these shots on Saturday morning at 10am, a time that might be considered ‘quieter’ than others! But still lots of shoppers are around.

Living in Wan Chai 1

Living in Wan Chai 2

Living in Wan Chai 3

Not all my pictures are processed in black and white, some look better in colour. For instance, this one in front of the Hung Shing Temple, which was built in 1847, and sits on Queen’s Road East. The temple was originally built next to the shoreline, facing the sea, but as the consequence of successive land reclamations, it is now surrounded by clusters of residential and commercial buildings.

Living in Wan Chai 4

The Old Wan Chai Post Office is the oldest surviving post office building in Hong Kong. It was built between 1912-1913 and opened in 1915. It closed in 1992 and is now operated by the Environmental Protection Department as an Environmental Resource Centre. It is open from 10am to 5pm every day except Tuesdays and public holidays. I have never been inside, so I’m wondering how much of its history is still visible inside – anyone who knows, please leave me a comment!

Living in Wan Chai 5

Finally, a typical street corner in Wan Chai – almost at every corner is a pharmacy, a convenience store or a bank. In this case, it is a pharmacy. And as usually, there are lots of people waiting at the street crossing… one thing you can always be certain of in Wan Chai is that there will always be people… everywhere and at any time of the day.

Living in Wan Chai 6


6 responses to “Photography: Living in Wan Chai and Causeway Bay

    • Oh I didn’t know you actually worked in Wan Chai – when was that? Great that you got to use the old post office! I wish I could have seen it back then!

      • I worked in the China Resources Building from 1992 (so did my hubby coincidentally) then moved into Central before my first was born in 1996. The Post Office didn’t look much different, but it’s had a paint job!

  1. Love your photos! Just discovered your blog (I live in Causeway Bay, just up the road) and its awesome being able to recognize places hehe! Looking forward to diving into more of your archives :)

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