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Review: Toast Box

Toast Box is nothing special, it is a Singapore chain store with several outlets across Hong Kong but I really enjoy their freshly toasted bread with kaya and a strong & sweet tea, coffee or both (yuanyang).

Toast Box Tai Koo 2

Toast Box specialises in Singaporean/Malaysian fare such as beef rendang, laksa, pandan cake and Nanyang coffee. There are several Toast Box Cafes across Hong Kong, and I’ve been a regular to the one in the basement of Times Square – but recently I tried the one in Tai Koo (that’s where the photos were taken) as we were visiting the ArtisTree and the Island East Market.

Toast Box Kaya

Toast Box Laksa

It mirrors a typical cafe from the 60s-70s, with its design and menu. It is cheap and cheerful, a lunch menu of soup and a drink will set you back around 45 HKD – and if you are still hungry, you can add on a slice of pandan or banana cake.

Toast Box Tai Koo 1 Pandan Cake

Would I go there again? Yes, for a quick snack and a strong/sweet drink. It is nothing fancy and not a place where I would spend lots of time, but the food is solid, the service is quick, it is good value for money – and it reminds me of all the good times and kaya toasts I’ve had in Singapore!

Toast Box Tai Koo 4 Coffee


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