Review: Quest by Que

This is a new private kitchen in Wan Chai and we were lucky to try it in the Soft Opening phase, just the day before Lina was born… I had jokingly said to my husband that we’ll have to wait 18 years to enjoy another private kitchen dinner on our own again, and of course, the next day our little girl arrived. She must have been listening closely to our conversation!

Anyway, let’s talk about Quest by Que – which is run by Chef Que Vinh Dang, who is well experienced in the gastronomy business – he has run TBLS before, a private kitchen that closed its door almost two years ago. His new menu promises to take diners on a journey of tastes – when we visited, it was themed “Something Vietnamese”, so a lot of the dishes had some sort of Vietnamese or southeast Asian influence.

Quest by Que Private Kitchen 2015-1

Quest by Que Private Kitchen 2015-4 Chef

We started with sashimi (picture below) – in fact hamachi sashimi, which is a Japanese amberjack. The sashimi was surrounded by tomato jelly, and served with salmon roe and sea grapes, as well as yuzu. A very refreshing flavour combination, especially as I am a big fan of the citrus flavour yuzu.

Quest by Que Private Kitchen 2015-2 Starter

The second course was an Alaskan king crab roll with avocado and paprika foam (picture below)  and a rice paper roll on top.  Unfortunately the rice paper roll was too chewy and flavourless. Also, I felt the paprika was a bit out of place – but apart from that, great crab taste!

Quest by Que Private Kitchen 2015-3 Starter

Next is a grass-fed wagyu beef tartar (picture below), with reduced pho broth jelly on top, and shavings of foie gras. Probably my favourite dish of the evening – quite surprising given that I don’t usually like tartar! I liked the sprinkling of fresh herbs and vermicelli but could have done without the red pepper puree on the plate – paprika and bell peppers are not flavours I would associate with Vietnamese cuisine.

Quest by Que Private Kitchen 2015-5 Starter

The fish course is a pan-seared black cod with a fish sauce caramel. A small portion, maybe a slightly bigger piece of the fish would have been nice – and then the chef could have skipped the squid ink rice gnocchi, which did not add any flavour! Apologies, there’s no picture for this dish, I ate it too quickly!

The first meat course was a beautifully cooked oxtail, served with braised daikon – reminiscent of a hearty Hue soup. One the one hand oxtail was not a dish that I thought would be suitable for a Vietnamese dinner, but on the other hand the flavours were nicely balanced and it was very aromatic!

Quest by Que Private Kitchen 2015-6 Main

The second meat course was a pork collar served with purple yam puree and brussels sprouts. Nice, colorful dish with peanuts sprinkled on top. The portion was huge, given this was the final main dish – we could barely finish it. The texture mix of soft and crunchy was great, but the yam didn’t add much to the dish, at least in my opinion.

Quest by Que Private Kitchen 2015-7 Main

A palate cleanser of Japanese grapes and Yakult arrived – although I could not taste the Yakult at all!

The final dish is an almond cake (picture below), topped with chargrilled pineapple and salted caramel ice cream – very tasty.

Quest by Que Private Kitchen 2015-8 Dessert

My only complaint is that we had three starters, three mains – but only one dessert. But then, we were all very full!

The eight-course tasting menu is 780HKD plus service charge – a fair price for the good quality of food we have been served! Quest did not yet have an alcohol license when we ate there, so it was BYOB with no corkage charge. Once the license is in place, it will be 350HKD per bottle for wine.

Would I eat there again? Yes – the food is very good, a nice mix of Vietnamese/SE Asian cuisine with some very innovative dishes and a very attentive service.

Quest by Que
28/F, 239 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai
Tel. 2554 0888

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