Review: Beam’s Kitchen – Best Thai food lunch delivery

+++ Update March 2016: Beam’s Kitchen has closed +++

Have you heard of Beam’s Kitchen? If not, then it’s been long overdue. It’s a fantastic family run business, bringing delicious Thai food to the lunch tables of Hong Kong Island.

Beam's Kitchen - Prawn Rice Rolls 1

Beam's Kitchen - Prawn Rice Rolls 2

Every day there is a new menu, with 8-10 different dishes, and there are some classics like Pad Thai, Chicken Green Curry or Prawn Rice Noodle Rolls, but more often there are dishes that you won’t find on your standard Thai restaurant in Hong Kong.

Beam's Kitchen - Avocado, Salmon Salad

Beam prepares lots of fresh salads, for example grilled chicken avocado quinoa salad, pork neck salad, spicy avocado salmon salad, spicy chicken with Thai herbs salad served with rice berry, fresh mango salad with grilled chicken with vermicelli and Mackerel Avocado with Bean Salad.

Beam's Kitchen - Chicken, Chili, Rice and Egg

I’ve also had some really good cod fish cupcakes, fish fried with cashew nuts, larb salmon and specials such as Kanom Jin Nam Ya poo (southern style curry with chunky crab meat) – and every dish I’ve had was really tasty. Portions are big and prices are fair, between 60-85 HKD per dish. This includes delivery cost by a very friendly member of Beam’s team.

Beam's Kitchen - Salad with Chicken, Avocado and Mango

The menu for the following day is emailed every afternoon to you (just let know that you would like to be added to the distribution list) and then you should order in the next hours. It is better to order in the evening, otherwise the dishes might be sold out as Beam’s cooking is popular around town!

Beam's Kitchen - Tortillas with fish, avocado and cashew nut sauce

There is also a private kitchen option for a great Thai, French or Fusion dinner in Wan Chai – which I am still to try. But if the food is as good as their lunch deliveries then I will be back for more.

Beam and her team deliver on weekdays only. I don’t know which areas are covered, so far I only had food delivered to my office in Central and my home in Wan Chai – but just ask Beam and I am sure she will have an answer for you! And no, I have not been asked to write a review or received anything in return for doing so, this is just because I really enjoy Beam’s Kitchen and want to support this small family business! And yes, my phone pictures don’t look great, they don’t do the food justice!


6 responses to “Review: Beam’s Kitchen – Best Thai food lunch delivery

  1. After your review, I signed up as it looked really nice.
    Just got an email saying they are shutting down for improvements until further notice :(

    • Just by emailing Beam at her gmail address… however, the kitchen is currently undergoing renovations so they are closed. Bad timing of my blog post! I’ll update it once I know more.

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    • Great to hear that you are also enjoying Beam’s Kitchen – even if it is on another small break until early July. Can’t wait for it to be back open again, it has become my favourite Thai delivery place.

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