Tea from Les Jardins de Gaia

I always joke that if my career does not work out as planned, I will set up a tea shop (and be my best customer). So far, my job has been fun and fulfilling, so I have not changed my career path yet… but if I were to do this, then I would pick high-quality tea, such as tea from Les Jardins de Gaia.

Les Jardins de Gaia Rooibos Tea

I was not familiar with this brand, until Stephanie and her team at Luxe Nova Lifestyle Studio introduced me to it. Les Jardins de Gaia is committed to organic farming and fair trade, and created teas that have an exquisite taste.

Les Jardins de Gaia Rooibos

While I was still pregnant with Lina, I tried and tasted the Rooibos flavours – I am a fan of Rooibos, but I hate it that you can hardly get any in Hong Kong, and if you can, then it usually is the bland, basic Rooibos tea. That’s ok every now and then, but I prefer Rooibos tea that has a more fruity flavour… and so I was lucky to try the Rooibos Agrumes (Rooibos with Citrus Fruits) tea, which is very refreshing. It combines lemon, orange, blood orange, grapefruit and mandarine with bergamot – one of my favourite flavours, as I am a big Earl Grey and Lady Grey tea drinker.

Les Jardins de Gaia Maman Baby

After Lina was born, I tasted the Maman Baby (For Mothers and Babies) tea, which combines the classic flavours anise, fennel and cumin. That’s a typical combination to reduce gas and encourage a healthy stomach – which is very important when breastfeeding babies, as you want to pass this along to them, to ensure they do not have any stomach problems or problems passing gas. I liked the version from Les Jardins de Gaia, as it included less cumin (that’s the flavour I don’t like that much) and tasted more anise and fennel. So far, I’ve had a few cups for a few days and it seems that Lina likes the tea too – she’s not had any stomach problems recently. Not sure if that’s only down to this tea (my diet will also play a role) but it is definitely a good sign!

Les Jardins de Gaia Mate

I also tried the Maté Vert (Mate) tea, which is not something I usually drink. It comes from a South American species of wild holly and is really good for your diet. It tastes refreshing and is nicely balanced. I noticed that it was also very calming, after I drank a cup of the tea, I was much more relaxed – which is ideal for a mum of a small baby, who is up every 2 hours at night!

Les Jardins de Gaia Tea Mug

If you want to find out more about these teas – check out Luxe Nova Lifestyle Studio, where you can order them online, or arrange a tea tasting.


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