Interview with Munky

Oh no… my interview series is long overdue! Luckily, Munky (aka Steven) was not bothered by this, he was happy to participate in this series regardless of whether it is December, January or February.

Munky's Blog

Munky’s Blog is written by a Canadian, who is living in Hong Kong. In his own words, he blogs about ‘travel, laugh, and life experience, one post at a time’. His blog is a potpourri of stories in and around Hong Kong, lots of food places he visited, sights he saw and thoughts he had – about his life, relationships, work, travel etc.

Munky's Blog 2

His blog features different categories, locations to visit in America, Europe or Asia – but also dishes to try and food he prepared himself (just don’t get too excited, he is not a cook – and his diet features a lot of peas, sweet corn and carrots out of a frozen bag!).

Munky's Blog 4

I am a big fan of his travel itineraries and have bookmarked a few of them – especially as I know how long it can take to write such a blog post (hint, I started my own 48 hours series a while ago).

Munky was so kind to answer a few questions for me, so without much further ado, let’s hand this space over to him:


What made you start a blog? When did you start?
I started this blog back in 2012 when I was still living in Toronto. I’ve always had a love for writing, ever since I was small I enjoyed writing short stories and essays. Of course, as I grew older, work got in the way and I basically stopped writing. It was only when I started traveling that I decided to start writing again, if anything to capture my experiences so that I can go back and revisit it.

It’s also a creative outlet for me, even though I am not that creative to begin with ha ha. I am an accountant so naturally we do not have any creative juices. [He says, but I disagree!]

Where do you get your inspirations from?
The world =) It’s amazing how different each country, city is. You can read about the history and the culture online, but until you actually expose yourself, you won’t really understand how it’s like there.
And also my friends. Whom are a pain half the time, but there are some priceless moments =p

Munky's Blog 1

What upcoming blog posts have you planned? Which places are you going to visit next?
Due to my work, I do travel a bit within the Asia Region, and at times the States and Europe. However, it is my intention to explore more of Hong Kong! I feel like I haven’t done as much as I should. I definitely want to go on more hikes, since Hong Kong has some of the best hiking trails in the world. [Yes, I agree 100%]

I am currently in Australia, but I plan to do a bit of traveling in the States later this year when I head back home to Toronto. Also on my bucket list, are Vietnam and Bali.

What three travel tips would you give to someone visiting Hong Kong for the first time? And what tips would you give to someone who has been to Hong Kong a few times already?

For people visiting HK for the first time
1) It’s going to be crowded! So if you like you personal space, be prepared because there won’t be much of it there =p
2) Go to the peak, at night. Hong Kong has one of the best night views in the world.
3) Try some local food. Especially at the wet markets, it’s an experience in itself.

For people already been to HK
1) Go hiking! Not only can you get some fresh air, but most trails will give you some breathtaking scenic views
2) Get out of HK island and Kowloon, and go somewhere new. There’s a wetlands park, kayak in Sai Kung there’s just a lot to do. Don’t just go shopping =p
3) Visit the cafes. This is one of my newer hobbies. Although Hong Kong is busy, there is an abundance of cafes that is surprisingly, quiet. If you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, I definitely recommend visiting a cafe.

Munky's Blog 3

What are your top three favourite blogs?
1) Her stories about her mother in law is hilarious. Great Blog
2) Korean blogger that lives in Bangkok. Great pictures of food.
3) One of my first follows when I joined wordpress (I switched over from Tumblr). Confession, I go to your blog and read about the places in HK you visited. Then I go myself and then I blog about it too =p [LOL, don’t we all do that? I have a long list of places/restaurants to visit!]


Thanks Munky, it was nice talking with you and learning more about your blog. I’m curious what you’ll experience in the next months, especially in Vietnam (one of my favourite places) and Bali (which I have only been once)! So do keep blogging and I’ll keep on reading!

[All pictures in this post belong to Munky at Munky’s Blog

PS: Missed a previous interview with a Hong Kong blogger or expert? Check out my series here & contact me on bluebaluinHK at if you want to participate.


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