CNY 2015: Decorations at the IFC shopping mall

Of course, when it comes to creative CNY decorations, the different shopping malls try to out do each other… and this year three shopping malls overdid it.

The SCMP reports: “Two goats were used in a ceremony at Times Square, Causeway Bay, (…) while the APM mall in Kowloon Bay is believed to have offered customers the chance to feed a goat in return for a donation to charity (…) A shopping mall in Yuen Long had used a goat in an event.’

So rather than using real goats (or other animals), how about using flower installations? This is what the IFC did and I have to say it is quite a nice display (maybe not as cute as the pandas which they featured in the year of the snake – but a lot better than what some of the other malls have put on display).

IFC CNY Decorations 2015-1

IFC CNY Decorations 2015-2

I like that they featured all the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac – and I have to say the monkey is particularly cute. Much cuter than the sheep/ram that’s at the heart of the display, don’t you think?

IFC CNY Decorations 2015-5

IFC CNY Decorations 2015-4

I had to laugh when I saw the rat on top of the ox, that’s a clever way to portray the tiny animal – it would have been lost otherwise!

IFC CNY Decorations 2015-6

I’ve not had a chance to go inside Pacific Place to see their installation, but by coincidence I found the artist’s blog post about it. Mariko Jesse hat written about the display of her artwork/installations, and it looks beautiful. I will try to isit it soon!


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