CNY 2015: Decorations at the Times Square shopping mall

Recently, the Times Square decorations have been a let down – previously there have been great ones, but the Christmas 2014 one was a boring one… and unfortunately the CNY 2015 decorations are not much better.

CNY decorations Times Square 2015-2

CNY decorations Times Square 2015-1

First of all, there is no sheep, goat, ram or lamb in sight. Secondly, there is only one (!) decorative plum tree at the centre of the shopping mall. It looks lost next to the big entrances to the luxurious shops.

CNY decorations Times Square 2015-3

Thirdly, the flying birds (not sure what they are meant to resemble) are nice, but you can’t really see them from the bottom and have actually go higher up in the shopping mall (I guess that’s in the interest of the shop owners!) and I don’t get how they are linked to CNY. Anyone want to enlighten me?

CNY decorations Times Square 2015-4


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