Sam the Cat

Happy 2nd birthday Sam

Our little British Shorthair cat has grown into a big, furry teddy bear – especially with his thick winter coat that he is currently wearing! But he is still the gentle, playful cat that he’s always been.

Sam the Cat 2014-7

It took him a few days to digest the move to Wan Chai – instead of the big windows in Discovery Bay he now has more hiding places, more space and rooms with a view over a busy sports court, street or our neighbour’s apartment. He seems to like the next door kitchen window the most, as that’s the one that he spends a lot of time staring at!

Sam the Cat 2014-8

Sam is very used to visitors now – and loves that he frequently meets new people that play with him. It never gets boring for our furry friend.

Sam the Cat 2014-12

He is now the big brother to our little girl Lina… and although he likes to watch her from a distance, he is still too afraid to come close to her. He does not like the sounds she is making, as soon as she screams he hides in the kitchen. But once she is asleep, he edges a little bit closer to have a look at her.

Sam the Cat 2015-1

We will give him all the time he needs – and who knows, maybe soon he’ll watch over her sleep and share his toys with him (it currently is the other way round, she is not yet interested in toys and he plays with everything!).

Sam the Cat 2015-2


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