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Art exhibition: Blackwelder at the Gagosian Gallery

While I just barely managed to write in time about yesterday’s last day of the Vik Muniz exhibition, I clearly missed the boat on the Blackwelder one at the Gagosian Gallery. That happens easily when you have a small baby at home and are busy entertaining overseas visitors!

Last week I saw so many great shows and exhibitions, and I am just catching up with my blog posts. So in this case, the combination of pottery and paintings at the Gagosian Gallery in Hong Kong will be long packed up and gone – but I thought I’d still share a quick blog post about this exhibition…

Blackwelder exhibition Gagosian Gallery Hong Kong 2015-2

The exhibition was called Blackwelder and showcased works by Jonas Wood and Shio Kusaka, a married couple living in Los Angeles. Their studio is on Blackwelder Street and hence the name of the exhibition.

Blackwelder exhibition Gagosian Gallery Hong Kong 2015-1

Blackwelder exhibition Gagosian Gallery Hong Kong 2015-4

Jonas paints in a simplistic but colorful style (it looks a bit like a combination of Matisse and Hockney), while Shio creates porcelain vessels – both their works include themes from the nature such as plants and leaves, but also dinosaurs (they have a young daughter who is fascinated by dinosaurs, hence this link).

Blackwelder exhibition Gagosian Gallery Hong Kong 2015-3

Blackwelder exhibition Gagosian Gallery Hong Kong 2015-5

Shio created a mix of vessels for the show – some are modern and colorful, others remind me of traditional Japanese stoneware and porcelain – while others might have been from Ancient Egypt with their basic colour combinations and simple strokes.

The paintings and the pottery by itself would have been nice to look at too – but the combination of both made the whole exhibition much more interesting and connected. It was a great first exhibition of the couple in Hong Kong and I hope to see them again soon.


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