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Art exhibition: Landscape as Cultural Self-portrait at Hanart TZ Gallery

One visit to the Pedder Street building provides a lot of input for several blog posts… there are so many galleries in the building, there’s always something new to see and discover.

This time, my recent visit uncovered a new gallery that I have never visited before: Hanart TZ Gallery. This is one of the oldest galleries in Hong Kong (founded in 1984) but it has not always been in the same space. It moved to the Pedder Building in 2011 – but I don’t recall visiting it in the last months.

Hanart TZ specialises in oil, ink, print, sculpture, photography and video artwork by Chinese, Taiwanese and Hong Kong artists. The current exhibition is called Landscape as Cultural Self-portrait – and there is one piece my MAP office that stood out for me.

It is called “PRD Colonies From Hong Kong to Shenzhen (Working Island)” and is a mixed media installation – it features shells and miniature people. There are two versions, one is with people that seem to be on holiday and enjoying themselves, while the other one shows people working in the building industry.

Working Island by MAP Office at Hanart TZ Gallery 2015-1

Working Island by MAP Office at Hanart TZ Gallery 2015-2

Both are fun to look at – and very cleverly made. Definitely something different that stands out!

Working Island by MAP Office at Hanart TZ Gallery 2015-3

Working Island by MAP Office at Hanart TZ Gallery 2015-4


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