Purchases from Handmade Hong Kong in Discovery Bay

Yesterday’s post was a summary of impressions gathered at the Homemade Hong Kong market… today’s post reveals what I purchased! I could have bought so much more and supported additional local businesses, but there’s only so much I can carry home and actually use… so I had to make a wise call and bought the following great items:

First up is raw honey made in Hong Kong. Bee’s Nest was selling their unique monofloral honeys.

Handmade HK Bee's Nest 1

Handmade HK Bee's Nest 2

I purchased one from the ivy trees (this is a winter tree and hence that’s the latest batch of honey the bees collected). In spring and summer months the bees will collect honey from longan and lychee trees and the honey will have a sweeter, more fruity taste.

Handmade HK Bee's Nest 3

Farmer’s Kitchen is an Australian/Hong Kong partnership that is set to win meat lovers’ hearts. It brings grass-fed beef and lamb from Australia to Hong Kong. The meat is flown in weekly and is freshly chilled, so you can eat it fresh or freeze it with confidence knowing that it has not been previously frozen. I have already ordered tenderloin and rump steak from the company and eating my way through it – and I can already tell you that I love the meat and there will be a Farmer’s Kitchen special post on my blog in due course – so I just quickly collected a recipe book that was developed together with Nutrition Nation Hong Kong.

Handmade HK Farmer's Kitchen and Nutrition Nation Cookbook

Given that I have a kitchen full of tasty Australian beef I figured I need some more inspiration – there is only so much steak and stew you can eat in a week. Luckily I noticed Divine Marinade, a company that produces delicious traditional Korean marinades and sauces. They have two marinades in their programme – one is for the classic BBQ and Bulgogi, the other is spice. Needless to say I tasted and bought both!

Handmade HK Divine Marinade 1

Handmade HK Divine Marinade 2

The marinades are free from any preservatives or additives – and the good thing is: even as a vegetarian you can enjoy them! Just marinade your vegetables and stir fry them… the website Divine Marinade has lots of recipes for you to try!

Handmade HK Divine Marinade 3

Handmade HK Divine Marinade 4

Finally, one item for Patrick: Mak’s beer. Brewed in Hong Kong, currently only available in Sai Kung and at the Handmade HK markets. Using traditional ingredients and beer brewing techniques – and lots of love for beer. Let’s see how this baby tastes!

Handmade HK Mak's Brewing 1

Handmade HK Mak's Brewing 2

Funnily enough, I noticed that this time all my purchases are food and drink related. In the past, I used to buy children’s clothes, camera straps, earrings, small bags and other accessories – but clearly this time I must have been hungry and thirsty!


3 responses to “Purchases from Handmade Hong Kong in Discovery Bay

  1. Oh my goodness! I am so jealous of the fabulous food, the meat and the honey! Organic beef is so expensive here. It’s a good thing that I don’t eat a lot of beef or I would be in the poor house. he he You must tell us how the beer is. Is it like Muenchener Bier?

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