Video: Hong Kong in 2014 by Dimid

A few days ago I stumbled across this video that captures Hong Kong in 2014. It was shot over two different visits, in February and November, and is truly amazing.

I love how it shows Hong Kong’s fast pace in a time-lapse video. You can feel the people pushing past you, the cars driving on the high way, the ships navigating in the harbour, see the cramped space between the skyscrapers and in the back alleys – and still feel amazed and bewildered by it all.

One of the best parts is the tram ride – I’ve done it so many times and still, seeing it on video, makes me want to ride the tram again. Now. Immediately.

The video is beautifully edited and it is so crisp and clear – even the night time shots. I have no idea how Dimid got access to all the roof tops, but I’m glad he did!

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