Pictures of old Hong Kong versus new Hong Kong

Rather fitting with my posts about old Hong Kong (the Old Wan Chai Market, the Blue House in Wan Chai etc.) I found a very interesting flickR stream of someone nicknamed ‘HK Man’.

He/She has compiled a whole collection of before and after pictures of Hong Kong and it is incredibly how much the places have changed. I wish I would be able to understand the Cantonese description added, all I can gather is just the date – and sometimes the name of the house or of the street.

Some of the pictures date back to the early 19th century, but even if you look back to the mid 20th century, Hong Kong has changed so much. For example, here are some images from Causeway Bay and Lockhart Road in the 1950s:

1953 Causeway Bay

1955 Lockhart Road

Over in Central, the Foreign Correspondent’s Club is easy to recognise, but the car types have changed since the 1950s:

1956 Foreign Correspondents Club

Initially I had no idea where this was, and then I remember the old house with the green blinds. It’s just a few minutes away from the Wan Chai market, and the shot is taken from Fleming Road over to Wan Chai Road:

1959 Fleming Road to Wan Chai Road

The Sheung Wan Market and municipal buildings have been built on a site where lots of shop houses stood in the 1950s:

1959 Sheung Wan Markat

The two pictures below date from the 1960s, some buildings are still the same others have changed:

1960s Bank of China building

1964 Central

Around the 1970s the Western Market was not dwarfed by the surrounding skyscrapers and it was much more accessible from all sides:

1970-80 Western Market

The same goes for the Man Mo Temple on Hollywood Road:

1975 Man Mo Temple

The Holland House on Queen’s Road Central looked different in the 1980s:

1980 Holland House

And so did Sai Ying Pun (around the Western Street) in the late 1990s:

1997 Around Western Street in Sai Ying Pun

Check out ‘HK Man’ on flickr for hundreds of these exciting comparisons!


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