Mother’s Day must be the best day for a florist in Hong Kong

Ok I guess the post title is a bit of a give-away… but if you walk past a flower stall in Hong Kong today, you’ll notice that their displays have tripled and quadrupled in size!

Mother's Day 2015-1

It is Mother’s Day and it must be the busiest day of the year (together with Valentine’s Day). All flower shops were open very early this morning and I could see lots of florists adding finishing touches to the bouquets.

Mother's Day 2015-2

Some looked really nice, but if I am honest, the majority is just very cheesy and kitschy. But nonetheless, very expensive. I’m sure you’ll have to depart from a 500 HKD note minimum today, if you want to pick up a few flowers for your mum… so be quick, the shops might soon be empty/closed!

Mother's Day 2015-3

Note to myself: I need to take a picture of these shops on a normal day, so you know what I mean when I say the displays have exploded!

Mother's Day 2015-4

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!


3 responses to “Mother’s Day must be the best day for a florist in Hong Kong

    • Maybe in quality it’s Valentine’s Day, but I’m sure the volume on Mother’s Day must be higher. Not everyone has a partner, but everyone has a mother! :)

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