Review: Ice’licious

Ice cream shops are popping up all over Hong Kong – it’s the new craze. After the big success of Via Tokyo and Lab Made Ice Cream, which are known for their soft ice cream and unique flavours/process respectively, it’s the hype of ice lollipops. Lolas ice pops is one example, which you can buy from at pop-up events (and now they started to do small orders online).

It seems the next step is to open an actual shop selling ice lollipops – and I just happened to walk past a tiny shop on Hennessy Road which used to be a Gong Cha Tea outlet (but had been closed for almost two years!).

It now reopened as Ice’licious, and as the name goes: the shop sells ice cream.

Icelicious 1

Icelicious 2

There are two different options – ice scramble in a cup, which looks like soft ice with different toppings – marshmallows, rice crispies or chocolate syrup are some of the toppings listed. The other option is called Frozen Fruits Candy Bar – which is your typical ice popsicle.

Icelicious 3

Icelicious 4

The prices range from 18 HKD to 22HKD – but of course if you add different toppings it becomes more expensive.

Icelicious 6

Icelicious 7

The first time I went to Ice’licious, I ordered number four, which is creamy yoghurt with blueberry. I could taste the refreshing yoghurt, but the blueberries where just sweet – it was not easy to tell what fruit I was eating. It could have been blackberries or prunes too! Also, I felt that the ice crystals did distract me – usually the yoghurt ice I have tasted is much creamier, but then I never had a yoghurt ice lollipop. So maybe my expectations were wrong!

Icelicious 8

The second time I tried flavour three, which is campari orange (it has a little alcohol in it, so it’s for over 18s only) and this was a winner. Maybe juice works better as a base for popsicles than yoghurt? Plus, they added pieces of orange and grapefruit to the ice and that made it so much yummier and tastier. I could also taste a hint of bitterness of the campari (but not really the alcohol, which will have dissolved through the freezing and thawing anyway) and it was a really refreshing ice lollipop.

Will there be a next time? Yes, for 18-22 HKD this is a nice refreshment on a hot and sunny day. I am not sure I would try the other yoghurt versions, but I’ll definitely come back for another campari orange.

G/F, New Hennessy Tower, 263 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai

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