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Review: ISEE

Told you, ice lollipop shops are the new rage… the next one that opened is ISEE on 138 Leighton Road, just a few doors down from Via Tokyo.

Isee Ice Cream 2

Isee Ice Cream 3

ISEE offers unique flavours and, compared to Ice’licious, the ice lollipop is thicker in size. Similar to Ice’licious there are always special flavours, but it seems ISEE offers much more variety than Ice’licious.

Isee Ice Cream 1

There are ice lollipops with classic fruit flavours such as mixed berry, refreshing kiwi and straight up pineapple. Then there are some ‘local’ favourites such as strawberry hokkaido milk and tofu. And then there are the really different and unique flavours such as Earl Grey Pistachio – and of course, that’s the one I tried.

Isee Ice Cream 4

Isee Ice Cream 5

I loved the rich tea flavour – combined with the nuts. The texture was smoother than at Ice’licious (but still with ice crystals – it’s a popsicle/lollipop, not ice cream) and the portion was a little bigger. But then again it is more expensive with prices between 38-42 HKD. I would have preferred more pistachio nuts, but that would have made the ice more expensive.

Isee Ice Cream 6

Isee Ice Cream 7

G/F, Haven Court, No. 138 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay


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