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Review: Thyme – Fresh Juices

Fresh juices have been available at many street corners in Hong Kong – but now with all the detox hype and pressed juices craze, lots of expensive juice places and ‘cleansing delivery services’ are popping up all over Hong Kong. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there is a market for high-end juices (why else would so many brands launch here?) but I prefer making my own juice (see this post here).

However, sometimes I’m pressed for time. Other times Patrick ‘steals’ the last bottle of freshly pressed juice from our fridge. And then there are the lazy days, when I can’t get myself to clean, cut and juice fruit and vegetables … on those days I’m hoping that I’ll be around Hollywood Road in Sheung Wan. If so, then I head to my favourite juice bar: Thyme.

Thyme Juice Bar in Sheung Wan 1

Their selection of fruit and vegetables juices is fantastic and so affordable. 12 ounces of freshly pressed juice cost around 22 HKD, while 16 ounces cost 25 HKD (some juices are even cheaper, depending on the ingredients used).

Thyme Juice Bar in Sheung Wan 2

I have tried numerous combinations, and my favourites are:

Green Detox: Cucumber, Green Apple, Celery, Pear, Lime
Kiwi Detox: Kiwi, Green Apple, Celery, Lime, Spinach
ABCL: Apple, Beetroot, Celery, Lemon

I love that all juices are freshly made and in very generous portions. Some of the juices include pressed ingredients and then they get blended with other ingredients – that’s something I can’t and won’t do at home (too much hassle). The juices are fresh and tasty – and I love the quick and easy service.

Thyme Juice Bar in Sheung Wan 3

G/F, Shop A1, 31 Hillier Street, Sheung Wan
Tel. 2882 9009


4 thoughts on “Review: Thyme – Fresh Juices”

    1. I just noticed that they changed the menu slightly – there are now new drinks on the menu and the prices have gone up a little bit. But it is still very affordable, so go and have a try!

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