Hong Kong

Happy Cow Ice Cream

The only thing that I ate more during my pregnancy with Lina was ice cream – and funnily enough, I have not given up on this indulgence. In fact, with all the ice cream shops and parlours popping up across Hong Kong (e.g ISEE and Ice’licious) there seems plenty of reason to enjoy one almost every day!

I have heard plenty of times how good and healthy (well, if ice cream can be considered healthy…) the ice cream made by Happy Cow is. The brand was founded in Hong Kong in 2012 and they make the ice cream from scratch using coconut cream (instead of dairy) and coconut tree nectar (instead of sugar).

Happy Cow Ice Cream 1

The result is a dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free ice cream that’s free from artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. It is being sold in many organic stores (I got mine from Just Green at 7 St. Francis Street in Wan Chai) and quirky shops in Hong Kong, so I do have to apologise that I have not tried it early! But since a few weeks I’m not a Happy Cow virgin anymore – I have tried three of their flavours.

Happy Cow Ice Cream 2

Coconut was the first one I tried – and I was surprised that the ice cream colour is a light brown, rather than the typical white. I guess that has to do with the production and not using any artificial flavours and colours?! Either way, the ice cream tasted very coco-nutty and not as sweet, but with a well-rounded taste.

Happy Cow Ice Cream 3

Next up was coffee – which had a few ice crystals in the tub, but this did not distract much from the sublime taste. Coffee and coconut cream go very well together, in my opinion.

Finally, mango. That’s a hard flavour to beat – most big brands do a very rich and indulgent sorbet, but Happy Cow is using coconut cream as the base. As a result, the flavour is much more subtle (not in your face) but also more complex (lingers more on your tongue). I did not find it too sweet and in fact, quite refreshing. My only comment would be: would it be possible to include mango chunks in the mix?

Happy Cow Ice Cream 4

Apart from that, I’m a happy bunny – or should I say a happy cow? Follow the cows on Facebook – and let me know which flavour you like best! There’s nothing to win I’m afraid, it will just make my next purchase easier :)

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