July 1 March in Hong Kong

Oh, how much I hate it… once I stop blogging for a few days, it becomes so hard to get back to it again! It didn’t help that we were busy travelling in Europe and just came back recently to a scorching heat in Hong Kong. Just in time for the annual July 1 march, which I can’t miss as it always happens right in front of our doorstep.

July 1 is celebrated as Establishment Day, and is a public holiday. The day commemorates the transfer of the sovereignty of Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to the People’s Republic of China and the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

The day is the platform for political rallies demanding universal suffrage. But the turnout for the rally was low – the organisers of the annual pro-democracy march, put the turnout at 48,000, compared with last year’s 510,000. It seemed that many people were tired of marching and contemplated their next move.

When I walked through Hennessy Road, I saw stalls for all kind of causes – to end the inhuman living conditions of the subdivided flats and caged homes, to help people who are addicted to gambling, to reduce green house emissions and protect the welfare of animals. It was an interesting mix…

July 1 March


One response to “July 1 March in Hong Kong

  1. Good on you for taking part in the march. There weren’t many of us out there this year compared to last year but I hope we got our message(s) across nonetheless!

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