Farmer’s Market

I have no idea why it took me ages to write this blog post – it has been so long overdue! Already in February 2015 I placed a large order with Farmer’s Market, who import fantastic grass-fed beef, lamb and since recently also veal to Hong Kong. The meat is chilled, not frozen and it is delivered a number of times a week, so you rest assured it is fresh.

I had heard about them on Facebook, a friend was telling me how great their products are, and I decided to place an order for 7kg rump steak and 3kg tenderloin beef. I was amazed by how quickly it arrived (within 48h) and it was well-packaged and kept chilled. The other big surprise was, how big 7kg of meat are!

It took me over an hour to portion the two huge chunks of meat – but then I had about 40 portions for steak nights, stir fry dinners and hot stews for cold days (needless to say that when I told this to the owner, she just laughed and said they offer this service free of charge, I should have said something!).

From the next day on, I cooked, braised, stir-fried, roasted the meat – and it was so delicious. Not only did it gave me the opportunity to try out new dishes, moreover, I realised that the quality of the meat makes such a difference to a dish – and I am not just talking about steak!

Farmers Kitchen 1

Farmers Kitchen 2

Farmers Kitchen 3

We had beef stroganoff, beef stew with red wine and carrots, meet marinated in bulgogi sauce with pak choi and mushrooms, Guinness stew, goulash soup and countless evenings of steak with vegetables and/or salad.

Farmers Kitchen 4

Farmers Kitchen 5

Farmers Kitchen 6

There are plenty more recipes I want to try and given that Farmer’s Market, now offers also BBQ packs and veal dishes, I am spoilt for choice. There’s only so much I can order and fit into my fridge!

Farmers Kitchen 7

Farmers Kitchen 8

Farmers Kitchen 9

I am not affiliated with Farmer’s Market in any way – but when I meet the owner at the Handmade Market in Discovery Bay a few months ago, I realised that she’s the wife of one of our friends!

Small world, but even though: trust me, the products are great, the delivery is quick and the price is absolutely right. There is no way that I will buy meat at the high-end supermarkets in Hong Kong anymore, as I don’t think their offer is a match!


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