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Art exhibition: Artist Alexis Ip at the Hong Kong Design Gallery

The other day I went to the Hong Kong Design Gallery in the exhibition centre, and I stumbled across a photography exhibition which was really fascinating and interesting.

Alexis Ip 0

Alexis Ip 1

It is called “Love Hong Kong” and is by Alexis Ip. It shows scenes from every day life in Hong Kong – fruit stalls, little shops, street corners, busy street scenes and quiet alley ways.

Alexis Ip 2

Alexis Ip 3

I know that my pictures don’t do his work justice – because it is actually a 3D collage. This style is called FOTOMO and it is an artistic combination of Photography and Modelling. It is created from photo prints of real world scenes, cut and assembled into 3D collages. You have to stand in front of it to actually see how the images come to life!

Alexis Ip 4

Alexis Ip 5

Alexis is currently a secondary school visual arts teacher. His work “The Blue House” and his pottery work “The Old Memories” were selected to be shown at the Hong Kong Arts Biennial 2005. His Fotomo work “Hong Kong Image, Fa Yuen Street” was the winner of the Hong Kong Contemporary Arts Award 2009. I can totally understand that, his work is very unique and I’d love to have one hanging in my living room… shame that my birthday was already last month!

Unfortunately the show only runs until July 12, so you have to be quick!

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