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Art exhibition: The Art of Qiu Deshu at Pearl Lam Galleries

One of my favourite past times is to stroll through the Pedder Street Building and visit the various galleries… and every time I do this, I discover some great artwork that I have not been familiar with. One recent example is the art of Qui Deshu, an artists from Shanghai, who has been producing great works since the late 1970s.

Qiu Deshu Exhibition 1

The current exhibition is called “Night and Day”, a play on the complementary relationship of Yin and Yang, and features recent and historical works – including calligraphy pieces as well as large-scale landscape paintings.

Qiu Deshu Exhibition 4

Most of his works are very colourful – and since the 1980s they feature Qui’s signature technique: he tears up Xuan paper, reconfigures the pieces and mounts them to form images. The process of creation, destruction and recreation is supposed to reflect back on Qui Deshu’s life, after experiencing the Cultural Revolution.

Qiu Deshu Exhibition 2

Qiu Deshu Exhibition 3

You can visit “Night and Day” at the Pearl Lam Galleries until July 21, 2015. More info here.

Qiu Deshu Exhibition 5

Qiu Deshu Exhibition 6

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