Yuzu Citrus & Cream Ice Cream

This summer my guilty pleasure has to be ice cream… I’ve been to ISEE and Ice’licious numerous times already and I keep purchasing family ice cream tubs to eat at home. We usually enjoy Dreyer’s ice cream, but I recently brought a special edition flavour home: Yuzu Citrus & Cream by Haagen-Dazs.

Haagen Dazs Yuzu 2

This reminds me of the Yuzu ice sorbet sold at one of our favourite Japanese restaurants, Mizuki, so that’s why I bought it. And guess what, it is really good and refreshing.

Haagen Dazs Yuzu 1

I’m normally not the biggest citrus ice cream fan, but the Yuzu flavour is so delicate that I really like it – it is really gentle on your tongue, not too strong but also long-lasting (I don’t like ice cream that just tastes sweet the minute you put it in your mouth). It is not cheap, the tub has less than 500ml and sells for 75-85 HKD, so it is only a special treat!

Haagen Dazs

I noticed that Haagen-Dazs also has a royal milk tea flavour – has anyone tried this, is it worthwhile? Or should I stick with my Earl Grey Pistachio from ISEE?


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