Royal Milk Tea & Caramel Biscuit Ice Cream

I told you… this summer I’m obsessed with ice cream. I just discovered Haagen-Dazs new special Yuzu flavour – which also comes in a special blue branded contained. And then I realised that the 7-11 on our street corner sells more new flavours and has a ‘three for 59.5HKD’ price offer (on the small pots, not the big ones). So even more reason to go and try out some new flavours.

Royal Milk Tea and Caramel Biscuit Cream

There is heavy branding and advertising around the Royal Milk Tea flavour – it states that real darjeeling leaves and milk from France are being used in the process. And yes, one can taste the strong tea flavour. But if I am honest, it just tastes like a strong Hong Kong milk tea that is frozen, rather than served on ice.

To me it tastes like evaporated/condensed milk, as is used in the Hong Kong milk tea (see here an old blog post of mine that references a recipe) and therefore I don’t understand why ‘milk from France’ is such a huge selling point. Anyway, I’m digressing… do I like this new flavour? It is rich, creamy and tastes like milk tea – so nothing wrong with it. But it is just milk tea. There is nothing special about it – I can drink it all day and night in Hong Kong in its liquid state. So would I buy it again? Probably not.

Then I discovered the caramel biscuit & cream flavour – which I believe is new too. I’ve never noticed it before. It contains Belgian biscuits, but reminds me so much of the German Spekulatius cookies that we eat in the run-up to Christmas (and that I’d love to eat all year). I’m surprised how strong the flavour and how smooth the ice cream is – it is a Spekulatius-dream! Between these two, the Caramel Biscuit has to be the winner. But it is quite rich, so if you are looking for a refreshing ice cream, you should stick to Yuzu & cream.


10 responses to “Royal Milk Tea & Caramel Biscuit Ice Cream

  1. No Haagen Daaz in NZ :( so this made me very sad, haha. I love that caramel biscuit one and being the milk tea fiend I am I know would I love the tea flavour!!! I miss HK milk tea (the liquid stuff) more than just about any other food or drink item in HK..weird huh?!

    • That’s really weird – but I guess it’s always what you can’t have that you miss the most. Funnily enough, for me that’s Magnum ice cream. Not that I’m the biggest fan, but whenever I’m outside HK and I see it, I purchase it. Do you have it on NZ? If yes, then eat one for me please! :)

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