Hong Kong

Quick overview: Shops at Discovery Bay Plaza (2015)

I noticed that I had this draft post sitting on my computer for weeks now – I took the pictures when I visited the Handmade in Hong Kong market a few months back! I was planning to write about how much or how little has changed in Discovery Bay since we moved to Hong Kong Island in June 2014.

A few shops have closed or moved locations – there used to be a second hand book store that’s now gone, Rapee-Living moved to a bigger space and since we left a new baby store called Babyland and a GigaSports Shop opened. But pretty much is still the same.

Discovery Bay Plaza Shops 3

Discovery Bay Plaza Shops 4

Discovery Bay Plaza Shops 11

Especially the restaurants stayed the same, there is still the German Berliner, a Life Cafe, the Japanese Kiraku Tei, the Bakery La Creation, the Mexican iCaramaba, the Italian Il Bel Paese, the Spanish Solera, the First Korean Restaurant, our favourite Thai Koh Tomyums, the coffee shops Pacific Coffee and Uncle Russ, plus the classics: Hemingway’s by the Bay and Mc Sorley’s Ale House, which does great Indian food.

Berliner 1 DB

Looking back through my pictures, I noticed that the shops are all on the first floor of the Discovery Bay Plaza, for some reason I ignored the ones at the lower level, which include my favourites: the Fresh Fruit Juice Paradise next to the supermarket Fusion, and the Just Green organic store. Anyway, let’s make do with what I have!

On the first floor are a range of shops – from the typical Watson’s and WingOn Department Store, to the always useful JapanHome Centre.

Discovery Bay Plaza Shops 12

Discovery Bay Plaza Shops 9

Discovery Bay Plaza Shops 5

Then there are the quirky or more specific/niche shops:

  • Nomadic sells a range of southeast Asian-style gifts, decorations, furniture and trinkets
  • Pen’n Paper is the go to place for anything stationary related – but the shops also carries art supplies and some small toys
  • Bo Bo House has shoes and sports equipment on offer

Discovery Bay Plaza Shops 1

Discovery Bay Plaza Shops 6

Discovery Bay Plaza Shops 10

  • May’s Furniture & Curtain Design, the name is a give-away…
  • Yours Electrical Centre has everything on offer from small electronic gadgets to washing machines and fridges
  • Apple Travel. A shop that I’ve never visited, but I know from my local colleagues that travel agents are always useful, especially when it comes to finding local deals

Discovery Bay Plaza Shops 2

Discovery Bay Plaza Shops 7

Discovery Bay Plaza Shops 8

Finally there are a few more outlets that I didn’t take any pictures of, they include the Toy Store Toysland, the Treasure House, the Spa Sense of Touch plus a few others. As you can see, plenty of shops and no need to travel to Hong Kong Island – unless you are looking for clothing, that’s probably one of the few things that are hard to find in Discovery Bay.

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