Review: Nevale Kitchen at Discovery Bay North

Finally, I made it to Discovery Bay North to try out Nevale Kitchen, a new Turkish restaurant. It is spacious, with indoor and outdoor seating area and also a big deli area, where you can purchase items to take home.

Nevale Kitchen DB North 5

We sat inside, during a busy lunch hour – it seems that during the weekend this place gets rather busy. A good sign, meaning that it is popular! But it also meant that the waitress was a little stressed and they got our orders wrong. They even delivered us items that replaced some that they ran out of, but they didn’t tell us that until they placed the plate in front of us. Needless to say that we were not that pleased, but good for Nevale: the owner came to us, apologised and swapped the dishes.

Nevale Kitchen DB North 1

Anyway, I’m jumping ahead! The menu changes regularly, but there are always a few cold and warm meze dishes available – you can check them out at the glass counter, to see what is fresh today.

Nevale Kitchen DB North 3

Nevale Kitchen DB North 2

Then there are freshly made pide and borek, amazing pastries filled with a combination of meats and vegetables (there are also vegetarian options).

Pasta dishes, but not classic Italian ones – Turkish ones! Turkish Meatballs Spaghetti and Turkish Sucuk Spaghetti are on the menu. So are a mix of main dishes including classics such as Kofte, Shish Kebab, Mixed frill, roast chicken, and also some vegetable dishes such as stuffed zucchini and okra are featured.

We decided to try different meze – grilled haloumi cheese, olives, pickled beetroots and a carrot dish (99HKD). Overall quite enjoyable, although the cheese portion was tiny (only two small slices) and the beetroots missed some vital ingredient to make them less bland.

Nevale Kitchen DB North 6

Nevale Kitchen DB North 7

We shared a lamb shish kebab (93HKD) with a huge portion of rice – and some small side dishes of pickles and tzaziki. The meat was nicely seasoned and so was the rice, but I would have loved a bigger portion of meat.

It was a nice attempt – the food was fresh and tasty, but knowing how good Turkish food tastes back home in Germany, I felt let down. Maybe my expectations were too high, or it was too busy on that Saturday we went (and hence the service was hit and miss) but I didn’t enjoy lunch that much.

Would I eat there again? No. I prefer the small Turkish restaurant over in Mui Wo, it might be a bit more pricey, but the food tastes great, portions are decent and the service is better.


9 responses to “Review: Nevale Kitchen at Discovery Bay North

  1. Last 2 days I went to Nevale Kitchen with my friends after I heard some of people discussed Nevale Kitchen have a lot of revolution, now their foods taste is much better and constantly. Why not let us try! It is very difficulty to find table in weekend in peak hours, but the waiter is so good trying hard to give us table for 3! Menu and foods both are nice. After a hour had our nice lunch there. All we feel, Mui Wo is far comparing to Nevale Kitchen, as some of our friends at Tung Chung saying Mui Wo expensive and the foods is so so. Bluebalu, I noticed that the foods photos you put are not updated ones, now much in standard, also have shisha and Turkish wines, you should try again, feel the difference. I learned it, Nevale Kitchen have been opening less than 9 months, I believed that they must done a lot of affords to be such successful! Hope they continue growing, 3 of us can try more nice Turkish foods at this place!

    • Sounds great, I’ll have to give it another try then. You are right, I went in its early days and it would be great to see it has improved since then.

  2. I agree 100% with your review, and would go even further to state that often, good-tasting food can often be let down by bad service. Its is easy to overlook high prices if you have an overall good experience. This is where Nevale is really let down.

    We have been there twice, both times a group of 4-6 of us. One occasion was a quiet weeknight and the other a busy weekend. So we have experienced them in both scenarios. I feel sorry for the wait staff ( they seem to have hired one more person) but even they would naturally take cue from their management. The 2 guys waiting tables are so overwhelmed, while the lady is so disinterested, we were right under her nose, trying to get her attention, all she was doing was ‘busying’ herself fiddling with trays left to right. Really? You cant notice the whole lot of us looking in your direction? Of course, pls dont ignore the trays!

    If you absolutely intend to keep your costs down by not hiring enough wait staff/kitchen staff, while keeping your prices on the higher side and portions embarrassingly tiny, the least you should do is at least be willing to roll your own sleeves up and get into the thick of things, surely at the minimum when it gets busy. If that is a big no-no for the husband-wife team, then they are absolutely doing their business a huge disservice.

    • Totally agreed – I just hope they can get their act together. There are not many great Middle Eastern restaurants in HK and I do enjoy Nevale Kitchen’s food.

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