Discovery Bay Retrospective

This is a great article to show how Discovery Bay has changed over the years. It was written by Angie Bucu and contrasts Discovery Bay now with how it used to be over 30 years ago.

I had heard that there used to be times when there was no tunnel, and the only way to reach the community was via boat. And not a regular ferry like today, but a much more infrequent one. It did not run through the night and you really had to plan when to visit Hong Kong Island or Discovery Bay.

13 DB to Mui Wo Hike - DB

Back then the only way to transport items to DB was via the small Kai-To boats that docked at Nim Shu Wan bay – and you can imagine that it was much harder back then to go shopping! There was only a small supermarket and drugstore at the pier in the early 1980s, and not much choice to eat out – except for small dai pai dongs.

discovery bay 21

Friends had told me that the plaza used to have a water fountain in the middle, but because kids always kept playing in and around it, the management decided this is too risky and decided to remove it – hence the big empty space in the heart of the DB Plaza, which is now used as the stage for several events each year.

Discovery Bay Dragon Boat Day 2012 10

Discovery Bay Dragon Boat Day 2012 2

Angie highlights these aspects and others nicely – head over to Around DB to check out her article.


8 responses to “Discovery Bay Retrospective

  1. Thank you, this is great. I kind of like the idea of having small dai pai dongs to go for a quick/nice meal…some of the restaurants in DB is very cut & paste, bland but with high prices.

    • Agreed! There are a few restaurants that are really great and stand-out, but the majority is pricey and not that great. We have moved to Wan Chai last year and I love that there is so much more local choice (at affordable prices!).

      • That is what I like about the Island and Kowloon, great meals at affordable prices. DB is just your generic food without much soul for prices you’d pay at finer restaurants. A cheap little dai pai dong would be great – and believe it or not 7-11 I suppose serves that purpose :-)

  2. Wow, I just realized, I lived there when they had the fountain in the middle of DB plaza…great article. I like the rural beginnings of DB, reminds me of home :-)

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