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Review: Beef & Liberty

Beef & Liberty claims to serve the best burgers in Hong Kong – and I have to agree, I did enjoy my burger dinner at the restaurant in Star Street. I am normally not a burger person and on average, I manage to eat four to five burgers a year. So when Patrick asked me whether to go to Pizza Express or Beef & Liberty, he was quite surprised to hear that I opted for the latter!

Beef & Liberty Hong Kong 2015-1

Beef & Liberty has been around for a while, so there are tons of reviews (and Burgers in HK rated it one of the best burgers in Hong Kong) and I don’t need to go into much detail about its concept (juicy burgers, salads and craft beers) or design (large industrial space with plenty of light).

Beef & Liberty Hong Kong 2015-2

We opted for two burgers – I tried the chili burger that comes with jalapeno slices, caramelised onion, raclette cheese, butter lettuce, mayo and harissa yoghurt. Patrick tried the August special: the notorious P.I.G., which is a BBQ Pulled Pork Burger with smokey house BBQ sauce, fresh green apple slaw and a sprinkling of spring onions to finish.

Beef & Liberty Hong Kong 2015-3

What’s our verdict? The burgers were cooked perfectly to medium, and the meat was fresh and flavourful. I personally enjoyed the burger buns, those were the best ones I’ve tasted for a long time.

Beef & Liberty Hong Kong 2015-4

I was not so pleased with the lack of chili in my burger – instead of just adding a green jalapeno on top of the meat I would have preferred a spread of chili salsa or something similar to make the taste more consistent.

Beef & Liberty Hong Kong 2015-5

I loved the sweet potato fries I had as a side, but Patrick said his normal fries were a bit oily and boring. He prefers chunkier fries and preferably fried with duck fat – not the healthiest choice but then, when is a burger healthy?

The portions are pretty big, so we had no room for dessert – but I heard that the warm skillet cookie & cream would be something to enjoy, so that’s something we could try the next time.

The restaurant stresses that they don’t charge any hidden service charge – and while the service was really good, I did find it a bit too much and too intrusive. Our waiter was always an elbow away and asking us every few minutes if we wanted more drinks, enjoyed our food, needed more napkins (our baby girl was throwing napkins to the floor…). He was very attentive – but it was over the top and it did not help that the bill then showed suggestions on how to tip 10, 15 or even 20 per cent if we loved the service. I personally found this annoying, this banging on ‘we don’t charge a service fee, but we do a really good service, so do pay us a really nice service fee’. If I enjoy a service, I will pay for it, but I don’t need a constant reminder. Rant over.

Will I go there again? Yes. Even as a non-burger fan I do enjoy a burger every now and then – and the burger buns, the taste of the meat and the sweet potato fries have won me over. Next time, I would just hope that the chili spice is more consistent throughout the chili burger!

Beef & Liberty
Star Street Precinct, 2/F, 23 Wing Fung Street in Wan Chai
Open from 11.30-22.30 every day (and Fri-Sun & public holidays from 11.00-23.00)
Tel: 2811 3009


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