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Hong Kong Museum of Art is now closed

The Hong Kong Museum of Art used to be one of my ‘hangout’ places, at least on grey and rainy days. It was always easy to get to, just a hop away on the star ferry.

Hong Kong Arts Museum 2015-1

Hong Kong Arts Museum 2015-2

Hong Kong Arts Museum 2015-3

Now unfortunately this is not possible anymore. The iconic (but also quite ugly) building will be closed for the next three years for a major renovation and expansion project that will last for about three years.

Hong Kong Arts Museum 2015-4

Hong Kong Arts Museum 2015-5

Hong Kong Arts Museum 2015-6

The Hong Kong Museum of Art was founded in 1962 and moved to its Tsim Sha Tsui location in 1991.

Hong Kong Arts Museum 2015-7

Hong Kong Arts Museum 2015-8

Since then about 390 exhibitions were organised – and I saw a handful of them, including the amazing Andy Warhol show in 2013.

Hong Kong Arts Museum 2015-9

Hong Kong Arts Museum 2015-10

Hong Kong Arts Museum 2015-11

Hong Kong Arts Museum 2015-12

Hong Kong Arts Museum 2015-13

While the museum building is closed for renovation, there will be events in different forms and in different parts of Hong Kong as well as overseas. Find out more here.

Hong Kong Arts Museum 2015-15

Hong Kong Arts Museum 2015-16

Hong Kong Arts Museum 2015-17


2 thoughts on “Hong Kong Museum of Art is now closed”

  1. The Hong Kong Museum of Art is not a place I love — but it’s true enough that I’ve been to (and enjoyed) quite a few of the special exhibitions that it has hosted. I guess the Hong Kong Heritage Museum will take up the special art exhibitions slack during the art museum’s temporary closure. After all, it played host to such as the Picasso and Studio Ghibli exhibitions which I would have expected to take place in the/an art museum!

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