Taste of Bavaria in the local supermarket

Yesterday I visited the supermarket in Pacific Place, and stumbled over Lebkuchen Hearts. Initially I thought ‘wow, this is late’. Oktoberfest has been gone for weeks now. Then I thought, ‘wow, that’s early’. Thinking that would be for Christmas.

14 - Taste of Bavaria

Then it dawned on me. It is German weeks at Park’n’Shop, Fusion and all the other shops that belong to the group. Well, technically this is incorrect. It is Bavarian weeks – and I love the sub-slogan the added: The Best of Germany. Hence German weeks.

13 - Taste of Bavaria

As a Bavarian, I have to agree – but I also know that this is wrong. There is so much more that Germany has to offer than just Bavarian culture – but the Bavarians are clever at marketing. That’s why many people think that Lederhosen and Dirndl clothes are typically German wear, Germans eat sausages and drink beer (all day) and that everyone drives a BMW or Audi. Of course, that’s not true. Just travel to Hamburg, Berlin or Frankfurt and you notice the subtleties of German culture.

1 - Taste of Bavaria

2 - Taste of Bavaria

3 - Taste of Bavaria

Anyway, I don’t want to be pedantic (even if that’s a very common German trait) so let’s move on. Now is the time to stock up on German products that you might not find in Hong Kong all year round. Apart from Lebkuchen Hearts, this includes bread baking mixes (important if you want to escape the white, soggy, crustless bread), jars full of pickles, plenty of sweets (chocolates, gummy bears etc.), dried fruits and nuts …

4 - Taste of Bavaria

7 - Taste of Bavaria

6 - Taste of Bavaria

5 - Taste of Bavaria

… as well as lots of fresh products: cheese, yoghurt and sausages.

10 - Taste of Bavaria

11 - Taste of Bavaria

12 - Taste of Bavaria

And of course, don’t forget all the beer. There is plenty to choose from.

9 - Taste of Bavaria

8 - Taste of Bavaria

Of course, the prices are not cheap. But that’s Hong Kong. You can have anything, it just depends on how much you want to spend.


4 responses to “Taste of Bavaria in the local supermarket

  1. This is really unbelievable! They have more stuff than we do here with a ll the Germans living here! I can imagine that it is very expensive. Btw, I sent Lina’s Christmas present to your Mother, she will be bringing it to you when she comes. She was not sure about the old or new address.
    Much love as always, Elfriede and Alabama Sam

  2. This Bavarian bias is so unfair! I can see my German friend who lives in the Rhineland getting all indignant upon seeing those “Taste of Bavaria — the best of Germany” signs! Maybe she’d calm down a bit though upon seeing such as kolsch also available at the supermarket in Pacific Place… ;)

    • Haha, so true. Good spot with the Koelsch beer! And I didn’t post about it, but what makes me smile is that they always seem to sell German salad dressings… not sure what is so special about those. That’s nothing that I would associate with German food at all. But there are rows and rows of salad dressing on sale at GrEAT.

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