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Review: Nice pops

Yes – it still is warm enough in Hong Kong, to enjoy an ice cream. I know there are people dressed up in scarves and jackets, but with temperatures above 20 degrees I do think an ice cream is a nice treat!

So here is a pun: nice treat. Nice pops. Yes, you got it? Nice pops are popsicles that come in quirky flavours, some of them even include alcohol. Yes, alcohol. So how does that work, given that the ice popsicle is frozen? I have no idea, but the guys who run the business found a way to freeze alcohol – and believe me when I say, you can taste it!

Nice Pops in DB Sep 2015-1

Nice pop are currently sold in only a few shops (I just realised that the new organic shop “Green Common” on 222 Queen’s Road East in Wan Chai stocks Nice pops) and usually at markets and events. I first tried these popsicles at the Discovery Bay Handmade Market – and the Watermelon Caipirinha flavour was the best.

Passion Fruit Pineapple Mojito was a second best – but unfortunately the mango one with paprika (and without alcohol – not all pops are alcohol-based) didn’t have the intended kick. I found that one pretty bland… should I be concerned that I only enjoyed the popsicles with alcohol? No, I do not think so. It just means that maybe I have to try more without alcohol :)

Nice Pops in DB Sep 2015-2

So yes, do add Nice Pops to your list of great ice popsicles – together with ISEE in Causeway Bay and Ice’licious in Wan Chai (if you like Campari Orange as much as I do!).

Here is the link to Nice Pops website and Facebook page, if you want to find out more about new flavours and locations.


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