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Nightscape 2050 exhibition at ArtisTree

I’m always surprised by the lack of advertisement for the exhibitions at ArtisTree in Tai Koo. I really love this place and that the shows are always related to architecture, I think it is very interesting. But I am sure I missed quite a few events, as there was no poster at the MTR or notice in one of the free HK event publications… anyway, it was just coincidence that I managed to visit the travelling exhibition Nightscape 2050.

Nightscape 2050 January 2016-1 Hong Kong

The show is organised by Lighting Planners Associates (LPA) from Japan and focuses on the visions for the future of lighting. It has already travelled to Berlin and Singapore and received favourable response.

Nightscape 2050 January 2016-2 Hong Kong

The exhibition features five interactive light experience rooms – for example, one focuses on the introduction of basic concepts about warm/cold light temperatures, shades, movement etc. Another one shows light in Hong Kong – including commercial lighting, light pollution, light in the countryside and more.

Nightscape 2050 January 2016-6 Hong Kong

Nightscape 2050 January 2016-5 Hong Kong

I found the most interesting section the one where Hong Kong designers share their vision about Hong Kong’s nightscape in 2050. From connecting bridges between buildings to tunnels of light underneath the harbour:

Nightscape 2050 January 2016-4 Hong Kong

Nightscape 2050 January 2016-3 Hong Kong

The show is on until January 30,2016. it is open every day from 10am to 8pm, except on the last day when it closes at 5pm already.


2 thoughts on “Nightscape 2050 exhibition at ArtisTree”

  1. Have to say though that I wasn’t impressed by this exhibition as you were. I like the ideas but wasn’t so wowed by the execution. Still, I thank you for bringing this exhibition to my attention. Combined with a post-rain stroll on the nearby waterfront promenade, it made for a fairly pleasant afternoon out. :)

    1. I didn’t listen to all the audios and videos, but I agree that some of it felt disconnected and sometimes a bit half-heartedly. I did wonder if something was lost in translation, but maybe it was lost in travel… given that it is a travelling exhibition. I would have liked to see more about the previous stops and light ideas from Singapore for instance, but I guess there was not enough room.

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