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Review: Dim Sum The Art of Chinese Tidbits

Dim Sum restaurants are at almost every corner, here in Hong Kong. But not all of them are good. So they come and go – but some stay. One of these places is “Dim Sum The Art of Chinese Tidbits” (yes, that’s the full name) in Happy Valley. It has been around for many years and if you ask people living in Happy Valley, they will have been there and usually recommend it to you.

Dim Sum The Art of Chinese Tid Bits Happy Valley Hong Kong January 2016-1

It is a place popular with expats and locals – the menu is available in both languages. The restaurant is run by a family and you can see into the kitchen, where the dumplings are made and steamed/fried/baked. That’s a good sign!

We arrived on a Sunday shortly before 11am (that’s when they open) so we could choose our table. Shortly afterwards the place was full and people were waiting for a seat! The restaurant has a nice atmosphere with lovely wooden tables, chairs and dividers – but it also got really loud quickly!

Dim Sum The Art of Chinese Tid Bits Happy Valley Hong Kong January 2016-2

We ordered three dumplings each so we could try different ones – we went for some of the classics, such as vegetable dumplings, bean curd sheet rolls (filled with cucumber and mushrooms), har gau (shrimp dumplings) and also some that we never had before, including Peking dumplings with meat.

The dumplings arrived fresh and hot from the kitchen – and the sizes were decent. But that was to be expected, as the prices are quite expensive – around 35-45 HKD for a basket.


Dim Sum The Art of Chinese Tid Bits Happy Valley Hong Kong January 2016-3

Most of the meat dumplings were average, but the vegetable dumplings were very tasty – and I discovered my new favourite: steamed turnip cake. Normally this is fried and often very soggy and rich with fat. But steamed it is really light and nice. It was a pleasant surprise and together with Lina, I finished the plate.

Would I come back? Yes, for the turnip cake – and for the days when I am too lazy to cook or to venture too far. We paid 430 HKD for the three of us (and nine sets of dumplings between us), which I find quite steep compared to places like Dim Sum Square. So while it is nice and has a great atmosphere (I love the wooden seating), I find it too expensive.

Dim Sum The Art of Chinese Tidbits
63 Sing Woo Road, Happy Valley
Telephone 2834 8893
Open every day from 11am to 11pm with a break from 16.30-18.00

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