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Review: The Alchemist Mail Cafe

After visiting the beautiful “Wearable Blessings” exhibition we were about to leave the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, when we noticed that the usual grim-looking cafe with very limited food selection had changed.

It is now “The Alchemist Mail Café” and not only does it look very cosy, with lots of different seating arrangements, it also has an open kitchen that can prepare more than just the instant noodles and toast with butter. In fact, the menu ranges from salads to pasta and pizza dishes, and it also includes waffles and cakes.

Alchemist Cafe Sha Tin Heritage Museum Jan 2016-1

We went there during lunch, so we ordered one lunch menu (chicken, hamburger meat, tomato sauce, rice plus a drink), a plate of vegetables and some pasta with garlic and pepper. The food arrived quickly and it was all good. Nothing special, but solid food nicely prepared and not too pricey.

Alchemist Cafe Sha Tin Heritage Museum Jan 2016-2

Alchemist Cafe Sha Tin Heritage Museum Jan 2016-3

I loved the teas they serve – they have tea from tea pigs and I love their liquorice and mint tea. In fact, all the tea pig teas are lovely, we had Popcorn Tea, Lemon & Ginger Tea and Cha Tea with spices:

Alchemist Cafe Sha Tin Heritage Museum Jan 2016-4

We finished our food (too quickly to take a picture, sorry!) and then walked around the cafe, exploring its postcard and mailbox section. I really should have taken a photo of this, as interestingly the Alchemist Cafe offers postcard mailing service for visitors!

Anyway, we were still a little hungry after lunch (not because the portions were small, but we had little Lina with us who also ate her fair share) so we decided to try the waffles with green tea ice cream, strawberries and cream. I don’t exactly recall the name of the dish, but it was something like ‘Spring in Kyoto’ and yes, it was a really nice (big) dessert to share between the four of us.

Alchemist Cafe Sha Tin Heritage Museum Jan 2016-5

We paid around 400HKD for three mains, three teas, one coffee and one dessert. That’s more than the old cafe used to charge, but the food was so much better and the atmosphere really nice. It invited us to stay longer, read the museum flyers about the upcoming exhibitions and just play with little Lina (and yes, there are high chairs, bouncer seats and a big nursery room next door!).

Would I go there again? Yes of course, the next time I visit the HK Heritage Museum I will plan in extra time to enjoy a meal and drink at the Alchemist Cafe and Bistro. It is a really nice concept cafe, with lots of space and it is very child-friendly – so it is a thumbs-up from both me and Lina!

The Alchemist Mail Cafe
G/F, Hong Kong Heritage Museum in Sha Tin
Tel. 2706 2267
Open from 10am to 10pm every day, except Tuesdays

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