Review: Passion by Gerard Dubois

+++ Since posting this, Passion has moved across the street to the new Avenue building +++

Looking through my blog I am surprised that I never wrote about Passion by Gerard Dubois. We used to live almost opposite the on in Wan Chai and so it was no wonder that we regularly visited it and tried most of their items on their menu.

Passion Bakery

I love their scones – personally I think these are the best ones across Hong Kong. They are big, fluffy and so tasty with the jam. I am not such a fan of clotted cream, as the one sold here is usually more like whipped cream, so I just skip the cream and add the jam. Yummy.

The salads are great too – such a wide variety. Moroccan cous cous is nice and refreshing with a kick of mint, Bounty of Eden comes full of broccoli and cauliflower, tomato and mozzarella features a great pesto dressing, and the beetroot with oranges is my all-time favourite. There are many more options, including chicken or potato salad, which I still need to try – but it is all possible. Just say how much you want to try and eat, and the plate will be filled and weighted.

But of course, it is the bread that people rave about. With or without cereals, classic sourdough, baguette or a focacio. All is possible and is being sold. What is so great is that you can try some of the loaves before purchasing, so you can try and see which one you like best.

Passion also sells croissants and danish, but these items are the ones that I like the least (at any bakery). I am not a fan of this type of pastry, but looking at the ones sold at Passion, they look nice too. I just never tried them!

And of course, all the cakes and delicate little pastries – so nice to look at and also so tasty! My favourite is the Jasmine & Cassis cake as it is not too sweet…

Passion Bakery Black Currant Cake

… but Earl Grey & Pear, Tarte au Citron, Vanilla & Lemon and Marble Cheese Cake are really great too! Plus the loaf cakes are fantastic too and make a nice ‘bring-along’ gift if you are invited to friends for a coffee.

I had their Macarons for one of my birthdays (yes that’s a tradition), and while I enjoy that their are two flavours mixed together, I found them a bit too big, too chewy and too over-whelming. When it comes to macarons, I prefer LBG in the IFC!

I noticed that I do not have many pictures of Passion Bakery, but that’s because I go there to enjoy the food and not to take pictures… so please excuse the absence of images and just take my word for it, this is really a great place for bread, pastry, salads and sandwiches. After 6pm you can also try the evening menu, which includes a lovely heart-warming coq au vin, lamb stew, slow cooked beef, a lamb shank and various pizzas.

Passion Bakery has shops all over Hong Kong, in MongKok, Kwai Fong, Central, TST, Wan Chai and Macau.


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