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My highlights from Art Basel in Hong Kong 2016

I was contemplating whether or not to write this post – there are so many Art Basel in Hong Kong articles out there already, and I am a week late. But then everyone has different views and opinions. My take is that it is a great opportunity to see so many great masters of the 20th and 21st century in one exhibition hall – but it was just too busy.

Art Basel Hong Kong 2016-8

On a Thursday afternoon the ticket purchasing queue was already winding itself outside the building – the waiting time was 90 minutes and more. Luckily I had purchased our tickets online, but we still have to wait for a little while to collect them.

There were hundreds of people everywhere, it was hard to view the artworks – it felt exhausting. I tried to see as much as possible, but then realised I’d be better off just to concentrate on a few pieces, rather than trying to go for quantity!

Art Basel Hong Kong 2016-4

Art Basel Hong Kong 2016-5

Andy Warhol is a great artist and there were many of his paintings at Art Basel in Hong Kong this year. The ones I would have loved to hang in my flat were these flowers – they are colourful and magnificent. But of course, I don’t have the pocket money to purchase them or the space in our apartment to hang them!

Art Basel Hong Kong 2016-1 Andy Warhol

Art Basel Hong Kong 2016-2 Andy Warhol

Of course, I would also happily take this panda – which is so quintessentially Chinese, I’m sure he must have found a new home here in Asia!

Art Basel Hong Kong 2016-2

Art Basel Hong Kong 2016-3 Marc Quinn

Marc Quinn is a British artist who is most known for his sculptures, but I enjoyed this big painting that’s called “Labrador Sound Thaw”. In an interview, Quinn said of his frozen flowers: “It’s like the last judgement of the vegetable world and a kind of romanticism in trying to stop time. Marble portraits are immortal, models are mortal. The interesting thing in the case of plants is that they are both of these things at once.”

Art Basel Hong Kong 2016-6 Jaume Plensa

Jaume Plensa created this delicate sculpture, which fuses different letters and languages together into the shape of a human body.

Art Basel Hong Kong 2016-7 Sabri Idrus

If I had to describe the next painting, it would be a modern take on Claude Monet’s water lilies: Sabri Idrus, a Malaysian artist, created this abstract work of art.

Art Basel Hong Kong 2016-9 Dirk Stewen

Finally, my favourite piece is by Dirk Stewen: an untitled piece that shows five birds. It could easily have been painted on a Chinese scroll – that’s what it reminded me of, a classical piece of art. It looks easy, but I am sure it was much harder to create.

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