Greenladies and Greenlittle

Yes, this is a second-hand store – but what a cool one! Greenladies and Greenlittle just opened on the first floor in the CC Wu Building in Wan Chai and is part of the St. James’ Settlement. It is the first Greenladies shop that includes second hand section for little ones, and I was so tempted to purchase several pieces for Lina.

Greenladies Wan Chai CCWU Building April 2016-1 Greenladies Wan Chai CCWU Building April 2016-2

I just like that it feels like a quirky boutique – rather than just an over-stuffed, dark room where smells of moth balls linger… at least that had been my second hand clothing experience to date. Now this has changed, the Greenladies and Greenlittle shop is bright, smells fresh and clean, and the clothes are a great mix of different brands.

Some of the brands for the little ones include H&M, Zara, Esprit, Carter’s, Gap, Nicholas & Bears – all very affordable. Most tops are around 48HKD and bottoms/dresses are 88HKD. The sizes start at 80cm and there is also a small section that includes toddler shoes.

Greenladies Wan Chai CCWU Building April 2016-3

Greenladies Wan Chai CCWU Building April 2016-4

On the women’s side I noticed some lovely Kate Spade dresses for 188HKD, and I was very tempted to try them on, but Lina disagreed. Oh well, maybe next time.

I love the idea to reuse items that are still in great shape – and the store emphasises that unwanted fashion items can easily be reborn and you can restyle them. The third key element of Greenladies’ concept is empowerment – so the women working in the shop are mainly middle-aged – exactly the age group that finds it hard to be employed nowadays.

Greenladies Wan Chai CCWU Building April 2016-5

If you have items to donate, here is how it works:

  1. Visit the shop in person and the staff will screen the items
  2. Sign a consignment contract and you can decide whether to take 0% or 10% or 20% or 30% rebate of the selling price. The selling price will be set by the team at Greenladies and Greenlittle
  3. Consign for two months – unsold items will be donated automatically
  4. Track the rebate on or before the 15th of the following month and the income will be transferred to your registered bank account

What can you donate? Women and children’s clothes (from size 80 – 12 months onwards) that is in good condition and free of damage. It should be seasonal (spring and summer items from Feb to Aug and winter items from Sep to Jan) and from the last three years. Don’t bring any headdress, gloves, socks/stockings, underwear/sleepwear, swimsuits, executive suits or uniforms. Also no toys, books and baby products will be accepted.

Greenladies Wan Chai CCWU Building April 2016-7

Greenladies Wan Chai CCWU Building April 2016-8

Greenladies and Greenlittle
Shop 8-9, CC Wu Shopping Arcade, 302-308 HennessyRoad, Wan Chai (MTR Exit A2 is the closest)
The shop is open every day from 12.30-20.00 and the consignment service stops at 19.30


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