Review: Pacific Coffee Emporium

Normally I would not write about a coffee shop – but there is something special about the Pacific Coffee Emporium in Causeway Bay. It’s the fact that it is a big store (and hence it is great to visit with a toddler and a stroller) and it has a section that you can visit with your dog. Now, that does not sound too unusual, but most cafes and restaurants in Hong Kong have a strict no-dog-policy (except for outside seating areas). We don’t have a dog, but our friends have one – and he is Lina’s best furry friend.

Pacific Coffee Emporium 9

We try to meet up regularly, usually Sunday mornings, and that’s when other dog-lovers and dog-owners visit too and occupy the tables and chairs in the outer section (that’s the one that runs along the window front, has simple chairs and tables and a stone floor – so no sofas or comfy chairs, instead a section that can easily be cleaned).

Pacific Coffee Emporium 1

Pacific Coffee Emporium 2

We meet for breakfast – and if we are early enough, we often order a bagel with cream cheese. I love their pumpernickel style of bagel, as it is nice, rich, chewy and has a little sweet (malty?) taste. I have tried some of their savoury pastries, like the spinach and feta roll or the onion and bacon pie, but those items can be a little greasy and soggy. I prefer to stick with the bagel.

During the week (not on Sundays or public holidays) there is also a good breakfast offer – a muffin, croissant or donut together with a tall-sized coffee for 30HKD, or for 44HKD if you prefer a cafe latte or cappuccino instead.

What is nice, but only after 11am are the waffles – they are freshly baked and usually come with fruit, ice cream and cream. It is a big portion, so best to share them! The current flavours are hazelnut/chocolate/banana (very tasty and addictive!) and salty caramel/strawberries.

Pacific Coffee Emporium 4

Pacific Coffee Emporium 7

There are lots of sweet pastries, cupcakes, muffins – but I am not too keen on these items (at least not for breakfast), so I have not tried them. Friends of mine had the chocolate tart and said that it was really rich, but not too sweet. Patrick likes the loaf cakes, the marble cake is especially nice and light – but then again that’s not a speciality of this shop.

Of course, it is a coffee shop, so there are lots of flavours to choose from – but I am boring and just order a cafe latte. This place even overs drip coffee, coffee flavoured with liquor and now that we are coming close to summer, there is also the choice of two affogato espressos – a classic one with coffee and vanilla ice cream, and a strawberry one that combines chocolate milk with strawberry icecream and fruit.

Pacific Coffee Emporium 7

And… if you go tonight (April 29) between 8pm and 11pm, there will also be live music playing by RacknPinion:

Pacific Coffee Emporium 8

Overall, what’s my thought about this place? I like that that the Pacific Coffee Emporium is spacious, there is room to roam about (especially for active toddlers), you can bring your dog to join you in the area next to the windows, the staff is friendly and helpful, and there are even high chairs. But then there are no changing tables, the toilets could be in better shape, and the coffee and food are just average.

Pacific Coffee Emporium 3

Pacific Coffee Emporium 5

Pacific Coffee Emporium (Fashion Walk)
Shop 6, G/F, 9 Kingston Street Causeway Bay
Telephone: 2415 0015
The shop is open from 8am to 11pm every day, on Friday and Saturday until 11.30pm


3 responses to “Review: Pacific Coffee Emporium

  1. There is a nice smaller style coffee shop we quite like in Tin Hau. Its cosy and the couches are comfortable. Its not a chain store which is also nice. Cant remember the name of it but we like it. CAuseway Bay for breakfast is ok if you are early. After 11am then there are a million people trying to get around the space of one square km which is not much fun! Dont mind a sneaky trip into Dudes every now and then for some pop tarts and other unhealthy crap! ;)

    • True, CWB is often too crowded but interestingly I always managed to get a table at the Pacific Coffee Emporium or at Eat.It next door. Agreed, the food/drink is not that great, but it is a convenient stop with a toddler in tow!

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