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Review: The Yuu

My parents had been visiting me a few days ago, and we spent one morning walking along the Wong Nai Chung Gap trail – which is so beautiful. I love that it is so close to the city, but still quiet and also not too hard to walk.

We had great views that day, all the way over Happy Valley to Wan Chai and Causeway Bay, and also Kowloon on the other side of the Victoria Harbour.

Wong Nai Chung Gap Hike May 2016-2

Wong Nai Chung Gap Hike May 2016-1

We enjoyed the walk and we decided to continue along Bowen road, which is also very easy and enjoyable.

It was already lunchtime and so we walked from the Wan Chai Gap downwards to the Hopewell Centre and we decided to eat there. We had no idea which restaurant to pick, so we went to the first one that some spare seats – and that happened to be the Japanese restaurant The Yuu. Shortly after we arrived, more people came and they had to wait for seats, not sure if that was a good sign or not.

The atmosphere is quite fun – lots of wood, small niches, retro style posters on the wall, a big sushi/fish counter etc. It could be in Tokyo, it just looks like one of the restaurants I had seen there.

Anyway, it was a Saturday and I was surprised to see that they still offer their lunch menu on a weekend – so we gave it a go. There was plenty to choose from, sushi, udon, tempura and some grilled dishes.

The Yuu Hong Kong Hopewell Centre May 2016-1

The Yuu Hong Kong Hopewell Centre May 2016-5

We selected three menus: (1) Shrimp tempura (2) Sukiyaki beef with egg (both were served on rice and came with miso soup and some pickles as side dishes) and a (3) selection of sushi (with a side of hot soba).

The Yuu Hong Kong Hopewell Centre May 2016-3

All the items arrived pretty quick, they must have been prepared ahead of time and were just quickly assembled. Overall that was fine, except that the tempura could have been a little bit hotter while on the other hand the sushi was a little too cold. Still, everything tasted fresh, the seasoning was nice and the portions were good (plenty of food to share with our toddler Lina).

The Yuu Hong Kong Hopewell Centre May 2016-2

Would I go there again? Yes, if I am in the area at lunchtime. All together it was a safe lunch option – nothing special to write home about, but it was decent and good value for money. Together with tea and coffees (one drink comes with the set lunch but we ordered more) and service charge, it was about 120HKD per person. I have heard that the dinner prices are much higher but the food is still average, so that is why I consider it as a lunch option.

The Yuu
Third floor, Hopewell Centre (just opposite Mc Donald’s)
183 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Open every day from 11.30-15.00 and 18.00-23.00

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