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Review: Kaya Korean

Our favourite Korean restaurant on the island side is Han Ah Rum, but sometimes we are not in the mood of queuing up or booking in advance – and we also don’t always want to grill our own BBQ. So in that case, we sometimes go to other Korean restaurants, like Kaya on the 9th floor of the Midtown Plaza in Causeway Bay.

While you can also grill your own BBQ at Kaya, we usually just go to order a few noodle and rice dishes (they have a good lunch option too, which is quick and easy – the kitchen grills the meat for you).

Our typical order includes the classic Korean stone pot rice ‘bibim bap’ with beef and a seafood pancake. Sometimes we add dumplings to the mix, or cold soup with buckwheat noodles, but this time we tried the stir fry with sweet potato noodles and beef.


Kaya Korean Restaurant Hong Kong May 2016-2

All the mains were served at the same time, along with a set of different side orders that include kimchi, potato, small dried fish, tofu, more spicy kimchi and other pickles.

Kaya Korean Restaurant Hong Kong May 2016-3

Kaya Korean Restaurant Hong Kong May 2016-4

Service is quick, and the dishes are fine. They are the standard Korean fare that you get in most of the restaurants outside Korea – not too spicy, not too bland. Just the right level so you can add more chilis, peppers or kimchi to suit your taste buds.

At the end of the meal we received a free drink, it tasted like apple juice mixed with plum juice.

Would I go there again? Yes. Overall the dishes are small to normal sized, the sides could be a little bit more generous. The taste is fine, the price is reasonable. It is an average Korean restaurant in the centre of Causeway Bay with lots of tables, so usually they have seats available at lunch and dinner. It is not my favourite Korean, but it is a quick and safe option.

9/F, 1-29 Tang Lung Street, Midtown, Causeway Bay
Tel. 2838 9550

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