Review: Fish & Meat

I know… I am weeks, months and probably also years behind visiting Fish & Meat, but there are so many restaurants opening (and closing) in Hong Kong that I would have to eat out every day to try most of them. Anyway, finally Patrick and I managed to have dinner at Fish & Meat, a restaurant specialising in these two ingredients and focusing on a ‘farm to table’ approach.

We had booked a table for a Wednesday night, but it was a quiet night and we could have just walked in. Anyway, what I don’t understand is that when you book a table for two and the place is half-empty, they sit you next to a group of eight people. Not that they were specifically loud, but a group is always louder than just a couple, so I found that a bit annoying.

What also annoyed me immediately is that the next question is sparkling or still and then they pull out a big water bottle for 70HKD. Now don’t get me wrong, I know bottled water is expensive, but what about the good old tap water? Or at least ask me whether I want a small bottle (given that I arrived early and was waiting for Patrick on my own)?

Ok, clearly I was in the wrong mood to enjoy the dinner – so let’s take a deep breath and start again. I like the design of the place, with a big open kitchen and the use of wood everywhere. It feels comfortable and cost. The waiters are also very attentive and helpful, explaining me how the menu works (small dishes are starters and large dishes are mains – some can and should be shared due to their size) and what their newest cocktail is.

The menu changes regularly – but it includes some signature dishes. One of them is the duck egg ravioli (125HKD). I quickly decide that we should give this a go!

Patrick arrives and he wants to try the tenderloin with a side of bone marrow mash, so that leaves me with the choice of ordering a second starter (and then we share the main). Ok, so let’s start with the fresh burrata cheese with tomatoes (220HKD).

Fish and Meat Hong Kong June 2016-1

Fish and Meat Hong Kong June 2016-2

Burrata is made from mozzarella cheese and cream – it should be soft inside and a little tougher outside. However, the piece I’ve been served has pretty much a mozzarella texture. It does give off a whiff of cheese, and I do find that unusual given that fresh mozzarella should not smell. But then I can’t remember when I had last eaten Burrata, so I decide not to complain. The taste is ok, the texture is not as soft as I had thought it be, but overall the dish is ok. Just way too expensive!

Next up is the duck egg ravioli with sage butter – the taste and texture is great, it is exactly as I had expected. Soft egg with buttery pasta, and a light sage taste. A great combination – but then I love almost anything with a runny soft egg!

Fish and Meat Hong Kong June 2016-3

Fish and Meat Hong Kong June 2016-4

The beef tenderloin is served medium rare. Two nice, chunky pieces of meat. Great texture and taste. But what I loved most was the pea mash with bacon bits. There must have been lots of butter inside, it was so good!

As a side we shared bone marrow mashed potato (80HKD) which was also very yummy but a little too rich, we could not finish it all.

Fish and Meat Hong Kong June 2016-6

Fish and Meat Hong Kong June 2016-5

We did not want any dessert but had some coffee afterwards. Together with two beers the whole menu came close to 1,500HKD, which I found way too expensive. Yes, the food was freshly prepared and most of the dishes (except for the burrata) tasted nice, but we only shared a main and had no dessert – just imagine if we had those too, we’d walk out with a spend over 2,000HKD, which is just not justified.

Would I go back? No, sorry. Too expensive, we can eat great meat dishes at other places at better prices – without having to sit in a half-empty restaurant next to a big and loud group.

Fish & Meat
32 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong


6 responses to “Review: Fish & Meat

  1. Hi Ruth – I always ask for tap water, and if the restaurant isn’t busy, and they are trying to sit me next to a noisy party, I’d ask to be sat in another part of the dining room that wasn’t so busy/noisy. Eating out is becoming more and more expensive, and if places value my patronage, they will accommodate such basic, common sense, requests. Cheers for the write up!

    • Hi Philip – thanks for reading and commenting. You are right, I should have said something immediately instead of just letting it happen – but I guess I was just too tired! There are so many restaurants in Hong Kong, and often it is the small, hidden ones without much marketing/publicity that offer the best service, food and overall dining experience. I should try and seek out those more!

  2. Nice honest review. I share your views on that whole “still or sparkling” thing! Pathetic really. Tap water should be the default. I don’t mind spending money on things that I value but hate being fleeced. Also, tap water is more environmentally friendly in so many ways. I make it a point of not going back to restaurants that don’t have tap water.

  3. SO many restaurants here try and guilt you into ordering expensive mineral water – I’m tap water all the way and proud! I LOVE Fish & Meat’s duck egg ravioli… only wish they served it at lunchtime, as I agree, dinner can get pretty pricey before you know it! Their salted caramel and chocolate fondant is amazing too, but also not on their lunch menu :(

    • The fondant sounds yummy – shame I missed it. Yes, the duck egg ravioli was lovely, one of the best dishes I’ve had in a long time. I just need to learn how to make it myself so I can enjoy it regularly :)

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