Review: Chez Patrick Deli

There are not many al fresco restaurants in Hong Kong and hence not many places Lina can run around when we sit down to eat. So we always look for new options. One that we recently discovered is the Chez Patrick Deli at the Causeway Centre in Wan Chai. It is a few minutes away from the Wan Chai ferry and the Times Square, but it is easy to get to.

We went there on a Saturday for lunch and it was very quiet – this place is usually busy during the week due to the offices close by, but during the weekend not many people come to this area.

They have a great lunch offer at 188 HKD plus service charge, which includes a starter and a main. We both opted for the lunch offer, and we went for different choices.

For the starters I had the deli sampler, with cold cuts and some salad. Lina loved the pickled cucumbers, while the adults enjoyed the meat.

Chez Patrick Deli Wan Chai Hong Kong June 2016-1

Patrick had a minestrone soup which was very tasty – but it missed some pasta. Not to worry, Lina just dipped in her bread and ate most of the soup. She loved the tomato taste and the different vegetables inside, and I have to agree with her, it tasted like a homemade soup.

Chez Patrick Deli Wan Chai Hong Kong June 2016-2

For mains, I had the spinach and goats cheese quiche. It does not look that nice on the picture below (the goats cheese on top almost looks like it is a fruit tart) but it was packed full of spinach and cheese and had a great flavour. The crust at the back was a little too much, but apart from that it was a very good and filling quiche. I would not have needed all the chips to go with it, but Patrick and Lina shared them while I ate the salad.

Chez Patrick Deli Wan Chai Hong Kong June 2016-3

Patrick tried the Talapia fish filet that was pan-fried and served with garlic sauce – it was cooked well and tasted good. Again, chips and salad were served with the fish. It was a good portion, and very filling too.

Chez Patrick Deli Wan Chai Hong Kong June 2016-4

We then ordered some coffees to round off the meal – and the very friendly waitress came over with a complementary slice of apple tart. Luckily she brought three forks, as Lina was very happy to eat her share – it was a big lunch for her, lots of bread, soup, chips, quiche and cake!

Chez Patrick Deli Wan Chai Hong Kong June 2016-5

We all enjoyed the lunch, and for 530 HKD for the two of us, including two coffees and two bottles of water, this was very reasonable.

Would I come back? Yes.  We will be back for sure, the waitress was lovely, the food good (like proper homecooked food, except for the chips which I would not serve… but then once in a while that’s ok too) and the menu changes regularly. I liked that there was plenty of space for Lina to run around (inside as well as outside), the only downside was that they did not have a high chair or any toys for her (the Chez Patrick restaurant in Stanley has those), but she was happy to sit in a normal chair and played with the toys we had brought along.

Chez Patrick Deli
Brim28, 1F Causeway Centre, 28 Harbour Road, Wan Chai


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