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Review: Chautari

This visit has been so long overdue… every time I visit the Queen Street Cooked Food Market in Sheung Wan I end up going to ABC Kitchen (which is great and unique), but while eating, I am intrigued by the smells coming from the Indian and Nepalese restaurant next door.

The little restaurant, Chautari, is always very busy and the waiters are running around with plates full of fragrant curries, big baskets of freshly baked naan and arms full of rice dishes. And yes, that’s the place that I had read about so many times, but for some reason never actually tried. Until recently.

One afternoon, we arrived too early to eat at the great Italian next door, so we decided to give the Indian and Nepalese a go – initially we were a little worried what Lina would eat, given that some of the food would be very hot for her, but we then settled on a biryani for her, and ordered a Lamb Shesh Kebab and a Chicken Tikka Masala for us.

We should not have worried – she was immediately happy with the pappadums and the dips, she kept trying and enjoying them all. Lina went through her pappadum so quickly that the waiter brought her another one!

Chautari Sheung Wan Cooked Food Centre June 2016-1

First the Lamb Shesh Kebab arrived, and the meat was tender, flavoursome and spiced to the perfect level. A little hot and pungent, but not too overpowering. Little miss foodie next to me wanted to try the meat too, and she did enjoy it as well – but then she ate curries in Thailand, so who am I to judge?

Chautari Sheung Wan Cooked Food Centre June 2016-2

Then we had the Chicken Tikka Masala, a classic dish – and in this case with lots of big, junky meat pieces. Again, very tasty and flavoursome with a rich (but not too creamy) taste. Not my favourite dish in the whole world, but for a Chicken Tikka Masala a pretty awesome one!

Finally the biryani arrived – a big portion. Very ambitious for the little girl, but she tried her best and I enjoyed the leftovers the next day. Again, a great flavour combination

Not pictured, but into our stomachs went an amazing Chennai roti. It tasted buttery but was not too greasy or oily and just soft enough to rip apart easily, but not to soft as to dissolve in our curry.

Overall an amazingly good experience. Fantastic food, very tasty and for less than 300 HKD for three big dishes, a few beers and a roti, it was a very affordable dinner out. We ate there early in the evening, so it was still quiet and the waiter had lots of time to entertain Lina, while serving us and a few other guests.

Would I go back? Yes for sure, and I would bring Lina with me. She loved the food as much as I did, and that is not saying it was bland baby food – no Lina is a true foodie, she tries anything and everything and enjoys different flavours.

Shop CF6 Queen’s Street Cooked Food Centre
1 Queen’s Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel. 2600 4408

2 thoughts on “Review: Chautari”

  1. Well done Lina! It’s great that she eats so many foods. My twins got a lot fussier after they turned 2 but hopefully you’ll have exposed her to so many foods that the effect will be limited.

    Great restaurant too – Tom and I went once and had some very tasty curry. Love a good roti too! (Much harder to come by in the UK)

    1. Lina started daycare and her eating patterns are changing, now she rejects much more food that she would otherwise have eaten. Also she does not care anymore what mummy eats, I can eat as much porridge as I like, she won’t touch it :)

      Anyway, I’m still happy that she is adventurous when we eat away from home, and Chautari is such a fantastic place. The food is really good – and yes, I never had roti that good in the UK (but there are many good Indian places in the UK, so at least you won’t miss that!). Hope you are settling in well, looks like the twins are having a great time with all that space!

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