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Review: Kishoku

We love Japanese food and are always at the lookout for new places to try. So when I realised that Chope lets us quickly book tables just a day in advance, I decided to pick a place for a romantic dinner. Just by luck and coincidence, I picked Kishoku. I checked the menu online, but did not read any reviews.

Not sure if that was lucky or stupid – because when we arrived, we immediately realised that this is going to be a different evening out. Instead of ordering a la carte, on Friday and Saturday nights, you can only order omakase. Oh well, so we figured, we might as well give it a try!

I am so happy we did – and normally I would not say this at the start of a blog post – but this was an amazing Japanese dinner. It was the best food we’ve had in a long time, and we promised each other to come back again (soon!).

Kishoku is hidden behind Times Square in a beautiful, serene space tucked away on Yiu Wa Street. We had a separate booth to us, but there is also the option to sit at the counter. Omakase is priced from HK$1,250 to HK$1,850 and we went for the ‘basic’ version. We sampled 10 dishes, and the focus was on sushi!

The starter was a plate of three dishes – on the right hand side an octopus that was a little chewy, but very fresh, in a sour sauce that tasted a little like yuzu, our favourite citrus fruit. In the middle was fresh sea urchin on top of tofu, and on the right hand side was a skewer of fresh mussels – they looked like small conch mussels, but I think they are whelk mussels (our waitress apologised for her lack of English, so we didn’t catch all details). Anyway, it was a very fresh starter and very different from what we would normally would eat – from textures that were very chewy to very soft – but all in all very balanced and interesting.

Kishoku Japanese Hong Kong August 2016-1

The second plate included an Akkeshi Ma-kaki oyster served in its shell with ponzu jelly, grated daikon and seaweed garnished on top. Then there was an amazing bonito tuna marinated with onions (a combination I never thought I would try) and two different types of sashimi fish that were very fresh and tasty.

Kishoku Japanese Hong Kong August 2016-2

The waitress also brought us deep fried chicken pieces at this stage – but that was the only part of the dinner that we didn’t enjoy – why spoil it with some deep fried chicken if we have amazing seafood on our plates?

We were blown away by a large slab of otoro, the best part of the tuna belly that was placed in a sheet of nori, shiso leaf, a little bit of coarse salt and a sprinkle of truffles on top. You had to fold the nori in half and eat it like a sandwich. Each bite melted in the mouth, the otoro was so creamy – a little bit too oily for my taste, but with a little green tea to drink afterwards, it was a great experience.

Kishoku Japanese Hong Kong August 2016-3

A fresh salad made out of tomato, raw Hokkaido sweet corn and plum jelly helped to clean the plate, before we moved to the next course.

Kishoku Japanese Hong Kong August 2016-4

Now the sushi arrived – and what an assortment. So fresh and tasty! There were two plates, the first one was served with fish at room temperature, while the second plate also featured seared fish pieces – an amazing sea bream and a fish (I wish I knew the name in English) with truffle sauce underneath. And more Uni to round off the meal!

Kishoku Japanese Hong Kong August 2016-5

Kishoku Japanese Hong Kong August 2016-6

We finished our meal with the traditional egg castella (taste more like a cake than an egg), a hearty bowl of snapper soup, seasonal fruits and a simple sesame cream dessert.

Kishoku Japanese Hong Kong August 2016-7

By the time we reached the soup, we were stuffed – but with amazing food. There was nothing that we didn’t enjoy or like (apart from the deep fried chicken) and we were both in agreement, it was the freshest seafood we came across in Hong Kong and totally worth its price.

Will I be back? Yes, it was a memorable dinner – such a great combination of flavours, and so much to eat. A very affordable Omakase experience!

5/F, Zing!, 38 Yiu Wah Street, Causeway Bay
Tel: 2893 0333


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