Review: Coffee Academics in CWB

Last weekend we visit the Coffee Academics – shop behind Times Square in Causeway Bay. Initially I was not keen on visiting this place given that my experience at the one in Wan Chai on Johnston Road, opposite the post office (close to the Pawn) was not that great, but Patrick said he likes the coffee.

When we arrived on a Sunday afternoon it was already packed and people were queuing up. I was about to talk away, but then noticed they had a carrot cake on display – and just the other day I had said to Patrick I do fancy a lovely fluffy carrot cake but don’t know where to get one from.

So we waited a few minutes before we were seated – and they were generous, the two of us and the little one received a big table for four, despite that Lina hardly stays in one place and loves to climb all over me.




We ordered the carrot cake to share – and it was fluffy, carroty and just the right consistency and taste. Also the right portion size to share between the three of us, as we were not that hungry but keen on having a bite.


Patrick ordered the special of the month, a cold salted latte from a Hawaiian Roast – a fancy drink in a fancy glass, but actually also quite tasty. A nice combination of sweet and salty with a coffee that was not too dark or bitter.


I tried one of their special teas – the ginger and lemongrass combination was tasty and refreshing. I loved the way they served it in a special tea press, but I just had to be careful as it was really hot and Lina was playing next to me.


I was pleasantly surprised about our experience at Coffee Academics – but not so much about the price (still very expensive, two drinks and one cake for almost 180 HKD). Overall it was good to take a break from the busy surroundings, but I do find the place a little bit too packed and noisy.

Coffee Academics
38 Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


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