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Exhibition: The dinosaurs are loose at the IFC

There is currently a dinosaur exhibition at the IFC shopping mall in Central, which is called Meet the T.Rex until June 27, 2018. This is worth visiting if you have a toddler that needs to be occupied for 30-45 minutes and is interested in dinosaurs.

The focus is on the Tyrannosaurus Rex and there is a life size version in the atrium of the IFC, that’s hard to miss. It is pretty big, and pretty scary with all those sharp teeth. But of course, it is not real – so don’t worry.

Best to start at the basecamp (outside Club Monaco/next to City Super), which is basically a small gift shop, but it provides you with the Adventure Passport. From there, walk either in a clockwise, or actually as suggested, in an anti-clockwise direction through the first level of the IFC. That way you will cover all six check points.

Why is this important? The check points are quite interesting, but the fun aspect is that you can collect a stamp on the back of the Adventure Passport and once you’ve got all six, a hidden picture will be revealed – and show this to the guys at the Basecamp which will give you your reward!

The first check point is about ‘what is a dinosaur?’. So push a button to find out the answer.

The second check point is about ‘where do dinosaurs live?’ and that’s quite fun with an element of Augmented Reality.

The third check point is all about fighting against the T.Rex. Get the stamp but skip the video, it is not suitable for small children.

Then head to the atrium and stare at the big T.Rex. Walk around it and touch a real T.Rex thigh bone.

At the fifth checkpoint learn about excavation sites and what palaeontologists do. This one can get a bit busy as all the kids will try their hand at the digital excavation.

Finally, learn why the dinosaurs disappeared (bar a few birds) from our earth. Get the final stamp, head back to basecamp – and get your reward!

It is a nice little exhibition, so if you are in the area, go over and check it out. But don’t expect a full-blown museum exhibition, there’s not that much to see/do (at the end of the day, the IFC is a shopping mall with high footfall) and at times it can get very busy (and there are only two screens/tablets at the checkpoints). Still, it is a fun activity that lasts about 30-45 minutes and is a fun way to learn about natural history.

Here are some Instagram posts from this event: #meetthetrex

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